Bode Miller’s back for more at Beaver Creek |

Bode Miller’s back for more at Beaver Creek

BOP Miller DT 11-30-10

BEAVER CREEK – U.S. Ski Team star Bode Miller feels like ski racing is the right thing for him to be doing right now.

Miller, 33, said Wednesday that coming back to ski racing this year after winning three medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics was a fairly obvious decision.

“It’s the same thing as always. I felt like training, I felt like getting in shape, so that’s what I did,” Miller said. “If I decided to stop I could decide to stop today or tomorrow or next week or last week. I’m going with it as long as I’m into it and if I feel like I’m balancing it out right – and if not, then I’m done.”

Miller finished eighth in Tuesday’s downhill training run at Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey course with a time of 1 minute, 48.91 seconds, and finished 11th in Wednesday’s training run with a time of 1:48.97.

He said the course is nice and smooth, and that the course is much “turnier” than even super G’s used to be.

“They just keep making these downhills more and more turny,” Miller said. “There’s not one part of the course where you’re not going hard left or right. There’s no real downhill part to it anymore.”

Miller said the course is called a downhill by those who make the rules, so he’ll go with it even though he said in his mind it’s not.

“I think downhill should be where the athlete decides how fast they go,” Miller said. “At one point or another they have to break. Right now the course dictates your speed the whole way. Everyone’s going 100 percent the whole time, whether they make a clean turn or their skies are fast, it’s how fast they go. I think that takes a bit of the true, you know, real backbone of what ski racing is about out of it.”

While many ski racers had problems with water freezing on their goggles during Wednesday’s training runs, Miller said visibility on the course was surprisingly good.

A win in Friday’s Birds of Prey downhill would be Miller’s first on the course since 2006.

He also won the downhill in 2004, and finished second in 2005. In the latter year, he won gi.ant slalom with two memorable runs in near-white-out conditions.

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