Boneyard Brawl race descends on Eagle

Gretchen Reeves eyes up her line as she flies through the final section of the course during the Boneyard Brawl Wednesday in Eagle. Reeves finished in first place in the women's pro division.
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Unofficial results

Men’s pro: Josiah Middaugh

Women’s pro: Gretchen Reeves

Men’s expert: Damien Frasier

Women’s expert: Daniela Almeida

Men’s vet expert: Adam Plummer

Women’s vet expert: Dawn Vogler

Women’s vet sport: Sue Bardsley

Men’s singlespeed: Courtney Gregory

Men’s master expert: Richard Knapp

Men’s master sport: Rob Crawford

Men’s sport: Quintin Cook

Women’s sport: Ashleigh Brehbiel

Men’s vet sport: Mike Eastbrooks

Men’s beginner: Nolan Herzog

Women’s beginner: Michelle Wolffe

Women’s singlespeed: Tara Picklo

Clydesdale: Brian Reichel

Legends: Ron Gruber

Junior: Nathan Cook

Women’s never ever: Marcia McDougald

EAGLE — To clarify, the Boneyard Brawl does not go through an actual boneyard, and there’s no brawling, relatively speaking,

“Sometimes, it feels like you’re brawling when someone is trying to pass you,” Sue Bardsley joked. “Especially as a beginner.”

“I have to pass through the sport group and they were brawling a little bit on the downhill,” legends winner Ron Gruber said. “They were yelling at each other.”

In the Vail Beaver Creek Mountain Biking Series, presented by the Athletic Club at The Westin, which continued Wednesday in Eagle, the children always play nicely with each other. The slightly older and bigger children also play nicely, and when they don’t, they patch it up over a cold one..

And, yes, there are some bones up on the course.

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“That’s what probably gave my friend Alec (Hamilton) a flat tire,” Eagle-Vail’s Mike Flieg said. “He got a bone right into his tire.”

That’s not your average tire repair, people.

According to a totally-unscientific survey of the riders, the uphill portion of the loop was nice, but challenging. The singletrack down was adventurous.

The question was the number of laps, depending on one’s category.

“It was tough. It was a great ride,” women’s expert rider Tracey Head said. “I enjoy the course very much. It’s just challenging. I’ve never done three laps on it before. This year, experts start with the pros. It’s a little longer. It’s a good way to push yourself.”

Especially if you’re riding a hard tail like Flieg.

“On the first descent, I’m pretty good,” he said. “I can jump over things. But then when I’m tired, the second time, I kind of bulldozed my way through.”


Of course, after last week’s Davos Dash, suffering is relative.

“Davos is a painful sprint and it’s really about how your lungs feel,” Gruber said. “This one, you have a little more time to go your own pace and feel like there’s enough mileage that you don’t have to go out too hard.”

The series continues in 13 days with the Camp Hale Hup.

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