Broncos: 3-4 defense benefits Dumervil |

Broncos: 3-4 defense benefits Dumervil

Jeff Legwold
The Denver Post
Denver Broncos defenders Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey take down Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Cribbs in the fourth quarter of play at Invesco Field at Mile High Sunday September 20, 2009 HYOUNG CHANG/THE DENVER POST

t’s fairly well documented at this point, but those who believe in the 3-4 defense around the league, believe in it passionately because of the versatility it allows.

In essence, the defense can choose the fourth and fifth pass rushers and send them from anywhere in the formation. In a 4-3 look, the four rushers in a base defense are fairly well defined simply by where they line up.

As a result in a 4-3 look, Elvis Dumervil pretty much lined up at right defensive end for the Broncos and that was that. Down in a three-point stance he battled left tackles the majority of the time to get to the quarterback.

However, in the Broncos 3-4 look, Dumervil can appear all over the formation. He can stand up, get down in his stance, play inside the defensive end, line up outside the end and even change sides.

And Sunday the Broncos did just that. In many passing situations Dumervil lined on the defensive right and battled Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, a two-time Pro Bowl selection in his two seasons.

Dumervil had his first sack of the game Sunday when he escaped Thomas as Browns quarterback Brady Quinn stepped up in the pocket to elude safety Brian Dawkins.

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