Broncos: Buckhalter’s advice to Moreno – Pace yourself |

Broncos: Buckhalter’s advice to Moreno – Pace yourself

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Correll Buckhalter wasn’t hesitant to offer advice to teammate Knowshon Moreno a year ago. That will continue as Moreno prepares himself for his second year as a pro.

“You know, I try to lead by example, but I share a lot of things with Knowshon,” Buckhalter said Thursday. “I know Knowshon is going to be a great running back in this league.”

The most serious advice he offered revolved around the toll a year of pounding in the NFL takes on a running back, and how Buckhalter has dealt with that over the course of a nine-year career.

“You have to pace yourself and be more balanced at what you do,” was Buckhalter’s advice. “After playing a month of preseason, 17 weeks of football, and playoffs if the team gets in at the end – you know that’s a lot. And you have to remind young players that at some point in the season you kind of hit a wall.”

Buckhalter is well aware of such matters. He was hampered by knee injuries early in his career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I think I am a little more balanced in my preparation than when I was younger,” Buckhalter said. “Just the injuries, after a number of years just kind of begin to take a toll.”

Buckhalter also addressed other issues Thursday, like coaching changes. Longtime running backs coach Bobby Turner and offensive line coach Rick Dennison have taken jobs elsewhere.

The changes, Eric Studesville coming from Buffalo to coach the running backs and Clancy Barone moving from tight ends coach to offensive line, left some unanswered questions. Is Buckhalter aware of plans for major changes Josh McDaniels will make in the running game?

“Not that I know of,” he said. “You know each year teams will evaluate what they did last year and they tweak some things, but for the most part the running games are the same.”

“Coach McDaniels might add a couple of plays here and there, tweak some of the runs that we had in the past, but it’s pretty much the same,” he said.

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