Broncos Goodman never comfy at corner |

Broncos Goodman never comfy at corner

Jeff Legwold
The Denver Post

It’s a wired world, a tweet-filled place overflowing with Facebook friends and infinite MySpace spaces, it seems.

Andre Goodman knows this, for he spends his days surrounded by the young(er) and restless texters, thumb typing almost as much as they speak. And he’s OK with that. Just don’t ask him to log in.

“I still put pen to paper,” Goodman said. “To me, I like to do things a certain way. If it works for me, I do it. And when I have something I want to remember, a thought or two to get out, I always write it down. I don’t like to type. I don’t know how people still use their phones to put dates in; to this day I still have a (day) planner I walk around with. I’m always writing in it. People see it and they think I’m crazy.”

Crazy? No, Goodman is a measured thinker, a calm exterior wrapped around the internal fire and brimstone of a comeback story.

Which is exactly why the eight-year cornerback now finds himself in the position former Broncos cornerback Dre Bly once called “the most popular place on the field and it ain’t gonna change until those guys look out and see something different.”

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