Broncos: Left alone, Orton looks all right |

Broncos: Left alone, Orton looks all right

Mike Klis
The Denver Post

Stay strong, Kyle Orton. Stay strong this week through the well-hyped return of Jay Cutler.

And by strong, the Broncos mean using your strong arm. The right one, not the left.

That lefty flutter on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line Saturday night at Seattle’s Qwest Field? If there was a radar gun, it wouldn’t have registered.

As they would have said in Chicago: What da . . . ?

“Yeah, well, certainly I would have rather been able to throw it right-handed or do something,” Orton said after the Broncos’ 27-13 loss to the Seahawks in a preseason game. “But I didn’t want to take the sack. Sacks aren’t going to get you anywhere in that situation. Just throwing the ball up in the air to see if something could happen.”

What happened was Broncos television viewers back home were left to wonder, “What-ever did happen to Jake Plummer?” Orton’s final act of desperation on a 14-play, 86-yard drive to the Seahawks’ 1 landed easily into the hands of defender Ken Lucas for an interception and touchback.

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