Broncos’ Orton cool under heat of QB controversy |

Broncos’ Orton cool under heat of QB controversy

Mike Klis
The Denver Post
Vail, CO Colorado

The snap delivered chaos until Kyle Orton barked and restored order.

Rookie center J.D. Walton, understandably nervous given the opportunity presented him, delivered the shotgun snap either prematurely or errantly to quarterback Orton, who never got it.

Confusion followed. Some linemen continued blocking. Other players let up. Players muddled, all with the look of “What’s going on?”

Orton moved to his left and turned toward the right sideline.

“Huddle up!” he said.

Ten other offensive players hustled to their huddle formation. The Broncos were back in business for their first full-team, offseason practice last Monday.

Surrounding the Broncos headquarters, an unmistakable, board-up-windows quarterback controversy has started to funnel.

Again, Orton may be the only one capable of calming these outside forces. As the incumbent starter, all Orton has to do is beat out the quarterbacks the Broncos recently acquired to take his place – Brady Quinn, who was once touted as an All-American boy from Notre Dame, and Tim Tebow, an All-American boy of heaven and earth.

“I don’t think Kyle’s job’s in jeopardy,” said former NFL quarterback Jim Miller, who has a show on NFL Sirius radio. “If it’s in jeopardy, that team is in trouble.”

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