Broncos pass rushers find more fun in 3-4 defense |

Broncos pass rushers find more fun in 3-4 defense

Lindsay H. Jones
The Denver Post

SEATTLE – For as long as Elvis Dumervil can remember, he’s had a one-track mind when it comes to football: Run straight ahead and get the quarterback.

It was as simple as that for a defensive end in a standard 4-3 defensive scheme.

But the Broncos’ new coaching staff has asked Dumervil and the team’s other primary pass rushers to banish that way of thinking as the defense transitions to a 3-4 base alignment. To get sacks in the new system, it would take a whole other mentality and skill set.

“Running backwards, opening your hips, running sideways – it’s a lot of things, but that’s what makes the game fun,” Dumervil said before the Broncos’ second preseason game Saturday night against the Seahawks.

Notice how Dumervil used the word “fun.”

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