Broncos: Relaxed McDaniels welcomes calm at NFL meetings |

Broncos: Relaxed McDaniels welcomes calm at NFL meetings

Lindsay H. Jones
The Denver Post

ORLANDO – Only one television camera greeted Josh McDaniels this morning as he made his way to the annual AFC coaches’ media breakfast.

It was quite a difference from his first appearance at the league meetings a year ago. At his first coaches’ breakfast, McDaniels was mobbed by a throng of reporters and television cameras, all wanting to talk to McDaniels about his feud with Jay Cutler.

This morning, McDaniels was much more relaxed.

He calmly sipped on a cup of coffee as the bulk of the national media congregated at a table just to his right and peppered Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin about his quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

While McDaniels was asked questions about a potential quarterback controversy in Denver (there is none, he said) and the status of wide receiver Brandon Marshall (“Out of our hands,” he said), McDaniels was clearly glad to be out of the national spotlight.

“I think it’s a totally different atmosphere. I’m more comfortable with our entire organization. I feel good about our players. I’m excited about the direction that we’re going in,” McDaniels said. “Brian Xanders and his staff did a great job addressing some things that could help our football team in terms of player additions and team building. It’s a comfortable feeling. There’s not nearly as much controversy swirling around Denver right now.”

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