Broncos’ schedule: Potential woes with tough foes |

Broncos’ schedule: Potential woes with tough foes

Mike KlisThe Denver Post
Denver Post

Most years, a team’s schedule lines up so clean and orderly, it looks nice on a refrigerator door.This year, the Broncos might have to keep their schedule on a leash. Their list of opponents don’t line up so much as they menacingly congregate into a pack of forecasted doom.”Because they have what is probably the most difficult schedule in the NFL, the Broncos have a very tough road in 2009,” said Jay Kornegay, who is a Denver native, Colorado State graduate, lifelong Broncos fan – and executive director of the Race & Sports book for the Las Vegas Hilton.Even the most orange-shaded expectations might struggle to reconcile their optimism versus the reality of the schedule. Josh McDaniels has a chance to become a special head coach, but have you seen that schedule? The offense should be good even without Jay Cutler, but what about that schedule? The defense has to be better than last year, and if the offense is just as good, the Broncos should improve on their 8-8 record from last year.Then again, there’s that schedule.Difficult? There is the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the previous season’s Super Bowl champs, the New York Giants.There is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. For more of this Denver Post story:

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