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Buffs rough up Pazzo’s, 17-4

LSO Pazzo's SM 7-1 Shane Macomber/smacomber@vaildaily.com CU Buffs Lucy Stookesbury sets up another attack for goal on Michelle Secor of Team Pazzo's Friday during the Lacross Shootout in Vail. Pazzo's was crushed 17-4 by the CU Buffs.

VAIL – For three 25-minute halves of lacrosse Friday, Vail Lacrosse Shootout organizer Michelle Secor felt like a human target. No one on Secor’s Team Pazzo’s, the 11th and final seed in this year’s Women’s Elite field, had much experience in goal. Nobody was really jumping at the opportunity to get some, either. So, Secor stepped up and put on the goalie gear for a half against the No. 4-seeded ReLAXers and the full 50 minutes against the eighth-seeded CU Buffs, a team made up of club players from Boulder.She deserved a medal for her efforts – a few free beers, at least.In the game against the ReLAXers, a team of Willliam and Mary alumni and friends, Pazzo’s got decked, 19-0. The Buffs, reeling from a disappointing loss to locally-sponsored Fubar, then took out their frustrations on Pazzo’s – Secor especially – in a 17-4 rout.Despite experiencing what it feels like to be a distance marker on a driving range, Secor was all smiles after the second loss. She said she had played goalie before in club games, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.”Nobody really wanted to play, but I didn’t mind,” she said. “That way I didn’t have to run. I know what to do in there in theory, I just wasn’t doing it though.”The Buffs, on the other hand, were doing what they hadn’t done against Fubar – mostly turning Secor’s neck into taffy while carving through Pazzo’s defense for easy goals. The Buffs opened the game with a 5-0 lead, all courtesy of Lara Spencer and Casey Renninger.

Spencer scored the first, fourth and fifth goals unassisted, and also assisted Renninger on the third – a quick pass from behind the net to her cutting teammate for a clean 1-on-1.The second goal Renninger scored on her own, blowing past a Pazzo’s defender to fire a shot past Secor.Despite the disheartening five-point deficit, Pazzo’s didn’t lose hope. On its ensuing possession, attacker Kristy Smith made a run on goal and fired a backhand shot that just flew wide right. One of Smith’s teammates got the resulting ground ball to keep the scoring chance alive and passed off to Megan Higgins. Higgins, while hanging out behind the Buffs’ goal, couldn’t find a cutter to pass to, so she decided to go it alone. After cutting around the right post of the goal and muscling her way past a defender, she flung a shot into the net. Higgins then scored again just under a minute later, taking an assist from Michelle Hart and one-timing it past Buffs goalie Danica Minor.The two-goal output represented a respite for Pazzo’s from the Buffs first-half offensive onslaught, but it didn’t last long.The Buffs built a 9-2 lead at the half, then ran wild in the final 25 minutes, pumping in eight more goals. Spencer added two more goals to finish with five and Jessica Sandman, after being held scoreless in the first half, had a hat trick.

In total, the Buffs had 21 shots on goal. Pazzo’s had just six.”They were a good team,” Spencer said. “It was just that we started playing together. We have a couple of new players and in the first game we really didn’t connect. That was kind of a warmup.”Added Sandman, “I think we wanted to redeem ourselves for that first loss. It was a wake-up call. Most of us have played together before, but I think it was just getting back into the swing of things and a pattern. Our second half of the first game, we actually tied (Fubar) two goals to two goals, so it was just a bad start. And, we’ve always been a second-half team.” Nate Peterson can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 608, or via e-mail at npeterson@vaildaily.com.Friday’s Women’s Elite actionRammit 14, Team Ohio 5ReLAXers 19, Team Pazzo’s 0

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