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Burton U.S. Open in Vail: iPod performs high-tech tricks

Special to the DailyIouri Podladchikov, aka iPod, flies high out of the halfpipe at the Burton European Open earlier this year.

VAIL, Colorado – It’s called a cab double cork 1440.-

And with one more 180-degree rotation, it’s a more difficult and technical trick than Shaun White’s “Double McTwist” 1260.

Iouri Podladchikov, a Russian-born snowboarder now residing in Switzerland and better known by the handle “iPod,” was ready to debut the trick at the X Games in January, but came down with the flu.-

Shaun White, who landed back to back Double McTwists in his run to come away with the win, said he was “bummed out” iPod and him didn’t get a chance to compete in Aspen.

“I like riding with Iouri, he pushes me,” White said.-

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Assuming both White and iPod advance past today’s semifinal run, that showdown might just happen on Saturday.-

“To be honest, Shaun is a little bit ahead of things,” iPod said back in August. “He came back really, really strong after a long break of competition.”

iPod says the cab double 1440 is “really heavy,” and the thought of busting it out in competition is daunting.

“I’ve done it on the air bag, but it’s a different feeling when you have that coping in front of you,” he told ESPN before the X Games in January. “To get the right combination, the right flip and the right spin is really hard on this trick … I’m really looking forward to putting this trick into competition.”

But it’s not the only big trick he has in his bag. He’s also landed the Double McTwist starting from a switch stance (facing the opposite direction with which he’s comfortable), and between that and the 1440, it could be combination that finally brings down Shaun White.-

But one thing that hasn’t been mentioned, and is always on the judges’ minds, is amplitude.

At last year’s European X Games, iPod finished third behind Shaun White and Louie Vito. Vito may have put together a more technically difficult run than White by landing five double inverted tricks in a single run, including a 1260. But the amplitude wasn’t there, and Vito finished second.-

iPod knows this. But while we’re all hoping he gets the amplitude up for a showdown here in Vail, iPod himself may be thinking more long term.

“I’m getting stronger and stronger,” he said. “We’ll see how strong I can get before the Olympic Games.”

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