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Burton US Open’s webcast is as good as the real thing

Competitive snowboarders turned commentators, Jack Mitrani, left, and Tom Monterosso will be live calling the action today at burton.com/uso.
Tom Cohen |

VAIL — If you can’t make finals today or Saturday at the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships, then you can have the next-best thing streaming live throughout the day.

Burton’s webcast, available at burton.com/uso, takes you to the slopes of Golden Peak with incredible camera angles, wonderful commentary and the all-important instant replay.

And there are songs.

‘Singing Commentary’

“Jack Mitrani’s singing commentary made my day,” Katie David, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, tweeted Thursday.

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A sort of freestyle commentary that also rhymes and has rhythm, Mitrani’s occasional calling of the action in verse is a big hit with his viewers. Among the elements most unique in his broadcast, though, is tweets like David’s often make it in to the coverage itself.

“My favorite part about doing the live streams is the engagement,” Mitrani said Thursday. “I think one of the biggest things that people look forward to in 2015 is how interactive things like Twitter can make the live stream. Being able to talk to fans while you’re watching the contest, for one, makes it more fun for me and gives me more to bring to the table, but also it’s fun to hear what they’re thinking.”

Send Mitrani a message with your thoughts during the event today by tweeting @jackmitrani.

Alongside Mitrani will be Tom Monterosso and Tim Warwood during today’s webcasts.

“We’re just snowboarders, so we’re a little rough around the edges,” Monterosso said. “Warwood, though, he’s a real pro.”

Stars are Cameramen

But the star of their show is actually the cameramen. Great angles, zooms, moving shots that make you feel like you’re flying alongside the rider — it’s all present on the webcast. And it keeps getting better and better at the Burton U.S. Open.

“As the event progresses, you have to progress in the way you show the event,” Monterosso said. “Burton has done a really good job of exhausting all of their resources to make it much more of a television event, so it feel like you’re fully immersed in the event and right there with the rider.”

Today there will be a pre-game and post-game show as well as the actual event coverage.

“The pre- and post-show gives us an opportunity to get up close and personal with the riders, and learn about where the state of snowboarding is from their perspective,” Mitrani said. “For anyone who’s tunes into the pre- and post-show, they can really learn about the ins and outs of snowboarding.”

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