Coleman brother strikes out … in a good way at Eagle’s Back Bowl |

Coleman brother strikes out … in a good way at Eagle’s Back Bowl

AnDee Heath
Vail, CO Colorado

On Monday morning, the Back Bowl of Eagle was quite and serene.

Ken and Ked Coleman showed up, and decided to bowl some games. Ken Folk was there, right along with Eric (who was working the desk), and gave Ked and Ken lane No. 9.

Working the way to their lane, they noticed two ladies and two young girls bowling on Lane 1. Tossing a few practice balls down the lanes- the brothers are highly-competitive -and the game was on.

Ked strung six strikes in a row and began feeling confident that “Today might be my day.” The striking continued, clean and mean.

“When I was in the 10th frame I thought, I have to get this one and there it was,” Ked said.

Taking a deep breath Ked took on the 11th frame and wanted another strike and got it.

“I was happy when the hit was clean, in the 11th,” Ked said.

Doug, the manager of the Back Bowl said, “Ked has three pictures on the Back Bowl Wall of Honor, where he has achieved three 299 games, almost ‘perfect,’ but not quite.”

“I really started thinking it wasn’t going to happen,” Ked said. “When the ball was another clean hit in the 12th, I fell to the ground and just cried. I cried for about five minutes.

“My brother came over and kept telling me to ‘Get up. Get off the ground.'”

Ked wasn’t capable of getting up quite yet, so Ken knelt down beside him and continued to prompt Ked to “Get up.” Then Ken stood up and taking his brother’s hands, pulled Ked to his feet.

“My heart was beating hard when I finally realized it was true,” Ked said. “I’d just bowled a perfect game.”

Ken and Eric had caught on toward the end, while Ked was stringing them and the applause,

“From just three guys, including my brother, was awesome,” Ked said.

“It didn’t take long before Eric handed me a check for the bounty of $2,500 for a perfect game and a bowling pin that, finally, says 300.

“The date of August the 3rd has a special memory for me and it simply meant more that I did it on August 3rd.”

Ked, everyone that knows you is definitely proud of you and happy for you as well.

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