Broncos GM John Elway reveals hand condition on “Today” show |

Broncos GM John Elway reveals hand condition on “Today” show

Denver Post

During an appearance on NBC’s “3rd Hour of Today” program this morning, Broncos general manager John Elway revealed he has been diagnosed with Dupuytren’s contracture, a hand condition involving a tendon that pulls one or more fingers into a bent position.

Elway said he was diagnosed 15 years ago and that both of his ring fingers were constricted and he could not hold a football.

“When I saw my hand doctor, the only option was surgery,” Elway said in a story posted on the NBC website. “I wasn’t interested in more surgeries. I’ve had so many surgeries during my playing career. At that point in time I didn’t want to have another one.”

Two years ago, Elway said his doctor learned of a non-surgical option to straighten his fingers.

Elway is now involved with the “Facts on Hand” campaign to help raise awareness of the hand condition.

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