Cope’s comments on the soccer seniors |

Cope’s comments on the soccer seniors

EAGLE-VAIL ” The last huddle of the soccer season is the longest one.

In addition to trying to comfort everyone after a playoff loss, Huskies soccer coach David Cope always singles out each of his seniors, acknowledging what they meant to the program.

The following are the coach’s comments on each of Battle Mountain’s seniors.

“Kalen Burnett, the younger brother of the golden one (Julia Burnett). If you looked at Kalen his freshman or sophomore year, I wasn’t sure if he was going to stick with soccer, and he ends up being the guy who plays the whole game for us and is excited to hit people, win balls and play passes. I thought he became a great right back.”

“Tyler Madison, the kids have called him Widow Maker for four years. He’s hard and he’s tough and I think he learned that from Kyle and Kristin (his older siblings). They were good kids and Tyler loves soccer, and hopefully, he stays with the game his whole life. Great kid. That’s been a nice run with that family. That’s a great group of kids.”

“Patty Baskins. We had Casey Baskins and the his cousins, all the Baskins girls. Patty is such a great person. He’s such an independent person. He’s always making up his own mind and doing his own thing. He’s got a great sense of humor, fun to be around.”

“Marco (Ordono)’s been a nice connection to Vail Christian. He’s been a rock for us in the center of the park for two years now. He’s been a great player.”

Davey D(eChant)’s had a great career, phenomenal. The thing with Davey this year was that he became a provider. I think he surprised himself with how many assists he had. The leadership he’s shown out here has been phenomenal.”

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