Crunch time for Huskies, VMS |

Crunch time for Huskies, VMS

n Vail Mountain volleyball is apparently big in Ecuador. Laura Haslee, Huskies alum and big sister of VMS’ Maggie Haslee, writes in from South America with the following:

“I want to send a shout-out to the girls, especially my sis, to tell them that they have fans all over the world cheering them on. All my Ecuadoran friends now know about the VMS volleyball team. And, in a week, I’ll be in Peru, so they are going to know down there too! Just tell them to, in the words of my father, “Be HUGE,” hit it hard, play with passion, and keep kicking butt!”

n For those not in Ecuador or Peru, the Gore Rangers spikers host Ridgway on Saturday at 2 p.m., for a chance to win the league title.

n Speaking of spikers, Battle Mountain has two big home games to cap the regular season. Rifle’s in town tonight at 7, followed by Moffat County on Saturday. Two wins would send the Huskies to the district tournament for the first time at the 4A level, a tremendous accomplishment for a team which went 2-18 last year.

n Along those lines, let’s hear it for volleyball coach Elizabeth Nilsson, who’s done a very good job this year under trying circumstances.

n Go get ’em, Huskies cross country. The harriers head to Palisade Saturday for regionals. The top three teams in the region go to state as well as individuals in the top 15. That would be our cue for Rob Finlay and Sabrina Ste. Marie.

n Huskies football hits the road Friday to face Sanford in the Scott Wiedeman Bowl. The Indians, who were coached by the former Huskies coach in the ’90s, are the third-ranked team in 1A and pose quite a challenge to a depleted Battle Mountain team.

“You try to stay focused on objectives, stay as positive as possible and remember that the kids who are here have worked hard and deserve their opportunity to compete,” Huskies coach Fred Koetteritz said. “It’s tough. They’re going to play a tough, hard total football game. There won’t be much rest for them. As we put teams together here, they’re asked to play every aspect – offense, defense and all the special teams.”

n Sanford quarterback Kyle Forster leads the attack for the Indians and has thrown for more than 1,200 yards. Sanford, according to Koetteritz, also has a penchant for trick plays. We shouldn’t be surprised by this, given that Wiedeman tried every trick play in the book in his four seasons here.

n Speaking of football played at Battle Mountain, Vail Christian has its Homecoming game Friday on the soon-to-be-frozen tundra of Huskies Stadium at 2 p.m. against Plateau Valley’s JV. The rub is that the Saints play 8-man, while Plateau Valley has the full 11. When the Saints have the ball, both teams will play 8-man. When the Cowboys are on offense, there’ll be 22 players on the field.

n Apologies to VMS soccer’s Drew Daly for misspelling his name last week. But we’re proud to report we’re not the only ones.

“I got my report card today and they misspelled it too. And I’ve been going to school here for 13 years,” Daley joked. And we’re joking too.

n Sure, VMS soccer will wear orange this weekend, but it seems that soph goalie Michael Busenhart has been wearing orange all year. He must be a closet Giants fan.

n Finally, a hearty cheer for all three local soccer teams playing in regional playoff games this weekend. Go Huskies, Gore Rangers and Devils. And while we’re at it, bring home the title, Eagle Valley football!

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