Cutler, Broncos need to make amends |

Cutler, Broncos need to make amends

Ian Smith
Vail, CO Colorado

Alex Rodriguez can breathe easy.

Not only did his hip surgery go well, the Yankees’ slugger no longer owns the biggest ego in Colorado. That belongs to Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.

Get over yourself, Jay.

Are you a promising young QB? Yes. Can you launch a football? Yes. Are you as mature as a 13-year-old girl? Yes.

In case you spent the last two weeks drinking PBRs at Blue Sky Basin, here’s what you missed. At the start of free agency on Feb. 27, Denver and new coach Josh McDaniels entertained the idea of trading Cutler for New England’s Matt Cassel in a three-team deal that reportedly would have sent Cutler to Tampa Bay.

The news leaked (I blame the Chiefs) and Cutler started acting like Madonna. Now, Cutler is officially demanding a trade and refusing to attend the Broncos “voluntary” workouts.

Let’s be clear, I think Cutler is a tremendous talent. I love watching him play quarterback, especially wearing the orange-and-blue. But what exactly has Cutler done to be able to act like a diva? It’s professional football, trades happen.

The raw numbers are impressive. In 37 starts, Cutler’s thrown 54 touchdowns against 37 interceptions. He also broke numerous Broncos passing records last season.

Here’s what I have a problem with: 17-20. That’s Cutler’s record during the 37 starts. Last season, all the Broncos had to do was win one of their last three games to make the playoffs. Denver lost all three, including embarrassing losses to Buffalo (at home) and San Diego.

With Cutler under center, the Broncos also lost to Oakland (5-11), Kansas City (2-14) and Jacksonville (5-11) in games they should’ve won.

Does Cutler deserve all the blame for those losses? Obviously, not (hello, defense). But, he did commit six turnovers and threw only three touchdown in those three games.

Since Cutler is so found of comparing himself to John Elway (saying he had a stronger arm), let’s do the same. In Elway’s first three years at quarterback he went 27-13. His numbers weren’t nearly as impressive, but wins matter most in my book.

What did Elway do in his fourth season? He led the Broncos to the Super Bowl by engineering the greatest “Drive” in NFL history.

To be fair, Elway demanded a trade himself or he was going play baseball for the Yankees. As it turned it out, he proved he had the ability to back it up. Cutler is not even close to matching Elway’s incredible skills. Not yet, at least.

What next?

Please, everyone take a step back. There’s no way the Broncos can trade Cutler and get equal value. If McDaniels and new GM Brian Xanders are still considering it, stop.

Denver owner Pat Bowlen needs to grab control of the situation. Bowlen is in charge of the franchise. He proved that by axing Mike Shanahan. Now, he needs to get his new employees (McDaniels and Xanders) and Cutler to shut their yaps.

Cutler is the Broncos’ quarterback of the present and future. I don’t like his prima-donna attitude at times, but the guy can play. McDaniels needs to do whatever he can to patch up the relationship. Cutler needs to grow up, accept an apology and join his teammates at Denver’s workouts.

In the end, Cutler and McDaniels need each other to achieve the success Broncos fans demand. That’s unless Cutler would rather spend his falls in beautiful Detroit.

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