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Daly: Bird’s Nest an incredible sight

Will Daly
Vail, CO Colorado
Alexander Hassenstein | Bongarts/Getty ImagesVail's Will Daly, second from the right, and the U.S. men's light four rowing team compete in the Olympic semifinals last week.

Editor’s note; A Vail native, Will Daly was part of the U.S. lightweight men’s four team that competed at the Summer Olympics. He has been sending us dispatches from China with his thought. For updates on Daly, check out vaildaily.com.

Just to recap our last race while still not the result we wanted, it was our best race by far. We finally had a start where we didn’t give up a great deal, and the rest of the race we were pushing all the way and were actually in the race. So we felt a lot better about things in the end, not giving up and even with the tough finishes we were about to have a fairly good race by the end.

Since the racing has been over I have finally gotten out of my hotel room and been able to experience some of Beijing and the Olympics. Last night I was able to go see athletics at the Bird’s Nest.

To get to the Olympic Green where many of the of the athletic venues are located you have to get on a special subway, and when you come up you are next to National Indoor Stadium and you can see the big tower which changes colors at night. In the distance you can see the Bird’s Nest and the Olympic Flame on top. As you walk towards the Bird’s Nest the Water Cube comes up on your right which is very cool, we got to see it before the lights came on and it looks like a big square soap bubble.

The inside of the Bird’s Nest is just massive. We were sitting up on the third deck and you could almost not even tell that it is an outdoor stadium because the eve’s cover so far. We saw the finals of the women’s hammer throw, qualifying for pole vault, qualifying for the men’s 5k, qualifying for the women’s 200m, the women’s 400m hurdle final, and the big event of the night was watching the men’s 200m final.

In the men’s 200m final we got to see Usain Bolt, the man who started celebrating before he crossed the line in the 100 and still set a world record, set another world record which was incredible. He is the fastest man on earth.

While those are all of the sports I have been able to see I have gotten to do a few other things. In the Olympic Village one of the most memorable things I noticed was on every balcony there is a flag of the nation of the people staying there, so the whole village has hundreds of flags representing all nations which is pretty cool. I have also been to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, which are both pretty spectacular, the first being built more recently to allow for communist style grand parades and the second for just a how grand it is and knowing that is where China was ruled from for a millennium.

Thursday, we walked around the hutongs which are classic Chinese neighborhoods with the courtyard houses which are quickly disappearing because of all of the construction that is going on.

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