Deep down, the truth hurts |

Deep down, the truth hurts

John Spriggs

Editor’s note: John Spriggs of Team Vail, who is competing in today’s halfpipe qualifier at the U.S. Freeskiing Open, is writing a daily freeskier’s journal for the Vail Daily. The following is a recap of Friday.VAIL – Today was probably the hardest day for me. I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning – 6:30, to be precise.Since it was a competition day, I started with my usual breakfast of raw eggs and milk. I didn’t know if I was in Heat 1 or Heat 2, so just to be safe, I showed up early to get some early runs on the course. Like the two days before, the sun was out and shining and the course looked beautiful. I met up with my friend Ryan McPherson and we hit up some training runs since we were both in the second heat. After talking trash to each other about whose run was better, we came to the conclusion that they were equally as good. Deep down inside – he knows the truth. After that, we chilled in the VIP tent and ate some scrumptious pretzels and granola bars. Finally, after our little snack, it was time to go up and get one last training run in before our heat. My heat was pretty stacked with superstars, so it was sure to be a fun one to watch. My first run was pretty unlucky.My ski popped off on a 450 disaster, so I just had to scratch the whole thing. My second run went much better. I stomped the whole thing. I slid the C box, 450-disastered the kink box, greased the C rainbow rail, did a switch rightside cab 7, followed by another cab 7 and then finished with a cab 10. I was really excited afterward and thought that I definitely had locked up a spot in the top eight for finals. Unfortunately, the judges did not agree with me, since I ended up 12th. I was a little confused, but decided to forget about it and headed up to the pipe to train for the pipe qualifier. Saturday should be really fun.I have the pipe qualifiers and then the big air comp at night.I’ll let you know how it goes.John Spriggs skis for K2, Jiberish Lounge Wear, Oakley, Buzz’s boards and Vail.Vail, Colorado

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