Denver Post: AFC West looking like land of the lost |

Denver Post: AFC West looking like land of the lost

Woody Paige
The Denver Post

Dontcha think the Broncos have troubles with a starting quarterback who threw three interceptions; Brandon Marshall’s “Pay me or trade me and apologize to me, but don’t expect me to practice or play” attitude; their first draft pick out for a while with a knee injury; their safety wearing a cast the size of a boulder, or Boulder, on his broken hand; and their defensive line so undistinguished another unknown substitute has been procured?

At least Josh McDaniels hasn’t been accused of punching out an assistant coach, as the Raiders coach has.

At least the Broncos coach hasn’t been accused of trying to be like a famous NFL coach lately, as the Chiefs coach has.

At least Josh, by gosh, didn’t lose at home in the exhibition opener to the Seahawks or the Texans, as the Chargers’ and Chiefs’ coaches did.

At least McDaniels’ first-string quarterback took the Broncos past midfield, unlike the Chiefs’ new first-string quarterback.

At least McDaniels isn’t being compared to a coach of 30 years ago, as the Chargers’ coach was.

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