Devils have no reason to lose any pride in loss |

Devils have no reason to lose any pride in loss

Andrew Harley

GYPSUM – Eagle Valley fans didn’t scramble out to the parking lot to beat the rush.

While Devils coach John Ramunno spoke his poignant words of pride to his football team after a season-ending loss, the Eagle Valley fans stayed for their team.

They waited next to the bleachers for their team to come off the field, so they could comfort their team and congratulate them on a fine season and an excellent effort Saturday against a physically-intimidating Eaton team.

Bob Zimmerman stood among the die-hard fans, donning a Devils cap with two, white horns sticking out of the top and his Eagle Valley Science windbreaker.

“They came out and had a great season,” said Zimmerman, a science teacher who has been at Eagle Valley since the fall of 1971. “They’re a great bunch of kids. I have most of them in class. Last year, they were blown out by this team (Eaton), but we held our own this year.”

The game was not a heart-breaking loss. It was a hard-fought battle between two, evenly-matched teams. The Devils had just as many opportunities, but turnovers got the best of them.

And, Devils fans had plenty to cheer about. The defense shut down Eaton for the majority of the second half.

Jared Schlegel recovered a Devils punt deep into the third quarter, which led to a six-yard touchdown quarterback sweep from Sean Bartlett.

Not only did the series of plays which led to the touchdown cut the Devils’ deficit to nine, it inspired the Eagle Valley Dance Team to throw candy to the crowd, caused Devils announcer Scott Ruff to yell, “Get on your feet Devils fans! Lets go!” and shot the crowd out of its seats.

When the stands lit up, the kids under the bleachers joined in the celebration and took a stand against cavities by hurling unopened bottles of Dr. Pepper and Pepsi to the ashplat, exploding them all over each other.

In the fourth quarter, a couple of high schoolers attempted to start “the wave,” kids ran off with the remaining, unpopped balloons and the fans stood on the bleachers stomping and chanting “Ea-gle,” stomp, stomp, “Val-ley,” stomp, stomp.

Devils fans seemed to come to immediate terms with Saturday’s loss. Their football team had given them a fabulous season, after all.

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