Devils Homecoming, Demons arriving and state golf on tap |

Devils Homecoming, Demons arriving and state golf on tap

Chris Freud

Happy Homecoming, Eagle Valley.

And everyone gets to play Summit County. (I can’t make this stuff up.) Soccer plays the Tigers at 4 p.m. today. Volleyball plays the Tigers at 6:30 p.m. today. And football, well, plays the Tigers on Friday night at 7.

And don’t forget cross-country, which is at the Anna Banana Invite in Fruita on Friday. (We really hope Summit County is in the field for consistency’s sake.)

Devils softball is at Aspen today, apparently being nonconformist. (What’s up with that?)

We wish the volleyball team at least a week without a five-setter. (That was getting a little silly last week.)

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We wish the soccer team a win over, well, Summit. (In fact, the entire Slope is rooting for these Devils to bring the Tigers back to the pack.)

And we wish Devils football a win, because, gosh darnit, it’s Homecoming and you’re meant to win your Homecoming game.


• We joked about it above, but Eagle Valley volleyball deserved a break on those five-gamers and got one by bouncing Rifle. This is one of my sports fantasies — Freud gets to be the setter against the Bears.

Now, of course, I would not actually be on the court doing the setting because that would lead to disaster if I actually attempted (note the usage of the word, “attempt”) to hit the ball. I see my role here as deciding who gets to hit the ball.

But here we go:

Freud (sitting in a lawn chair by the court): “Hey, Jaimee, smack the snot out of the ball. … Yo, Bec, smite the ball … OK, Morgs, you can hit it now. Yeah, this setting thing is easy.”

OK, upon further review, I should probably leave this to Molly Jewett and Taylor Sandoval.

• It’s worth saying again —great volleyball match on Saturday with the Huskies and Devils. That will be on the short list for Game of the Year. This is why I love the fact that Slope teams play twice. Not that anyone is looking ahead, but the Devils are at Steamboat Springs on Oct. 11 and in Edwards on Oct. 16.

• On the other side of the rivalry, so far I’m impressed with how Battle Mountain is retooling on the fly. I knew Jordan Brandt (17 kills) had a monster game because I just kept writing down her name. I knew Makenzie Ellison was coming on late, but didn’t know she ended with 16 kills. (I’m just looking at the stats now.) Emily Clinton? She had 12.

• Huzzah to Vail Mountain School volleyball. The Gore Rangers got off the skids with a four-set win against Ignacio at Saturday’s Simla tourney.


• The unofficial Attaboy Award goes to Battle Mountain’s Eli Stephens this week. It’s about time a player stood up and gave the team a gentle kick in the tush, a polite way of putting Stephens’ chat.

Eli, feel free to do an encore tonight, but all you may have to say is “Glenwood Springs,” and that should do the trick. Kickoff is at 6 p.m.

• Eagle Valley hosts Summit tonight. The sound you just heard was Steamboat and Battle Mountain climbing aboard your bandwagon. This is another thing I love about high school sports, especially in the fall. The Huskies and Sailors battle year-in, year-out, but here they’d both really love the Devils to win.

Also, if the Devils win, then they throw their hat back into the race, which should be motivation enough.

• We might be having a developing situation at Vail Mountain School on the soon-to-be-frozen artificial tundra of Bandoni Alumni Field. Let’s see how good you are, boys.

Today is Basalt in a nonleague game at legendary Bandoni Alumni Field. (I enjoy that too much, I know. But I’ll do anything to get a rise out of Bob.) The game is not the conference tilt, but one of the steps of climbing the Slope is beating Basalt.

This starts a stretch in the next two-or-so weeks of conference games: Coal Ridge on Saturday, at Aspen, home for Roaring Fork, home for Moffat County and at Basalt.

By the way, Bandoni will be handing out Derek Jeter bobbleheads at the Coal Ridge game. (Or not.)


• OK, Eagle Valley solid effort against Rifle. This was a competitive game for the first half, which is much more than you can say for the last four years (losses of 47-0, 52-13, 41-12 and 57-0.) Summit is coming off a similar situation, a 36-7 loss at Palisade, also one of the league powers.

What you learned from Rifle is that when you get trips into opponents’ territory, you have to convert them into points.

In other games around the 3A Slope, Delta hosts Rifle, and Palisade’s at Glenwood. Two of the big boys are going to lose ground in the standings. Time to make a move.

• Hey, Battle Mountain football, it’s Moffat County’s Homecoming this week. Go wreck it.

• Battle Mountain’s on the road, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no football in Edwards. Vail Christian and Elbert get together for a Central League showdown on Saturday at 3 p.m. Looking forward to my first look at the Saints in 2014. (This is the part of the job I love. I get paid to watch football — Eagle Valley-Summit on Friday, Vail Christian on Saturday and Niners-Eagles on Sunday. OK, I don’t get paid for the third one, but life does not suck.)

• This is somewhat related to Vail Christian football because Doug Bruce is at every Saints game in one form or another: I’m happy for the Royals. So George Brett, Hal McRae, Dennis Leonard, Quiz, Dick Howser, Paul Splittorff and Bret Saberhagen to you, Doug.


OK, happy state tournament to Vail Christian and Vail Mountain at the Northeastern 18 in Sterling. You guys have doubtless checked out the website and have seen the scorecard. It’s 6,436 yards from the tips.

What does this mean?

You’re thinking you can knock this over like a candy store. Not so fast.

Success here will be measured by getting to your “happy distance,” your measurement of choice to the green with the trusty club you love and adore. Blasting the course with your driver is tempting — I see those short par-4s, too, guys — but this is state. Everyone can hit the ball a mile. The short game’s going to win this.

Use your practice round well to learn the place, and go get it.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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