Devils Homecoming spotlight – Joanna Storer |

Devils Homecoming spotlight – Joanna Storer

Ian Cropp
Special to the Daiy Joanna Storer

Senior Joanna Storer has played volleyball all four years at Eagle Valley. She’s excited to set up her teammates on the court this year. Joanna will be a key player in today’s game against Battle Mountain. Watch out for her driving around with the top down in her Mazda Miata. For more about Joanna, read on:Date of birth: March 31, 1988Born in: Casper, WyomingParents: Eddie and Lynn StorerSiblings: Julie, 36, Carol, 34, Jeanette, 30, Jim 32

Class: SeniorPosition: SetterWhat do you like about volleyball?: “Playing with my friends.” What makes this team different than years past?: “I grew up with a lot of the players, and it’s taken a long time for all of us to be on varsity. Now it seems we are all on varsity.”What has been your best moment in volleyball?: “Getting new coaches for my senior year. It’s a fresh start and my team is really happy, which makes me happy.”Most embarrassing moment in volleyball?: “One time in practice a teammate of mine and I tripped and got our legs tied up and fell on the floor. Everyone was watching.” What are your coaches like?: “They are so positive and instead of yelling at us, they say you can do this better. They seem more on your side.”How excited are you for Homecoming?: “Very excited. We will be getting a gigantic float. The themes are supposed to be board games, so we want to do Candyland.”Do you have a date for homecoming?: “Not yet, so someone should ask me.”

Favorite thing about school?: “I have a free hour this year, so I get to go home and eat and relax and it’s the best thing about school ever.”Favorite subject: Music and choirDo you have a favorite song to sing?: “Any on a mix CD that I can sing in my car with my friends.”College plans: “I want to go to University of Washington and study public relations.”Career plans: “I want to get a really good job in a warm place like California or Florida and make lots of money and buy a silver Audi TT.”Favorite food: “I eat everything. I love food in general.”Craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?: “Octopus.”Favorite movie: Finding Nemo Favorite actor: Matt Damon

Favorite Matt Damon movie: Bourne IdentityWho will be the next president?: “Hillary Clinton.”Favorite pro sports team: BroncosFavorite pro athlete: Logan Tom.Favorite volleyball team other than U.S. national team: StanfordFavorite leisure activity: “I like to put the top down on my Mazda Miata and drive around with one other friend – there is only room for one.”If you could have a superpower, what would it be? “I would freeze people and make the world stop, so if I was late to class I could be on time.”What is the longest you’ve gone without sleeping?: 48 hours Favorite question to ask: “What’s your name. I ask the freshman that a lot.”Vail, Colorado

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