Devils Homecoming spotlight: Kelly Cassidy |

Devils Homecoming spotlight: Kelly Cassidy

Kelly Cassidy might not be the biggest person in the world, but she makes her presence felt on the cross country course. Last weekend, Cassidy paced Eagle Valley at the Demon Invitational with a time of 23:06. Only a freshman, she will likely see her name at the top of the standings for years to come. We sat down with the cross country star to find out how many miles she runs per week, and what she likes on her pasta.

Class: Freshman

What’s your favorite thing about cross country? “I like to run. I like our team. It’s pretty fun.”

How miles do you run per week? “I’m not sure. Maybe 20-24 miles. Maybe more than that.”

Are practices fun? “Some of the practices are really hard. Like sometimes we have to run hills. It’s really hard, and I don’t look forward to that. I just like going out on runs.”

How do you think your season is going? “Our season is going really well. Our whole team has really improved.”

What time do you normally run? “On average, around 23 minutes.”

Favorite food: “Pasta. I like pesto.”

Favorite movie: “I like cars. And I like Benchwarmers.”

Favorite musician or band? “I don’t have a favorite musician or band, but I have a favorite song. Drops of Jupiter.”

Favorite thing to do outside of cross country? “I like hanging out with my friends on the weekends. I don’t know.”

If you could have superhuman power, what would it be? “I don’t know. I would want to be invisible or something.”

Funniest thing that happened this season? “I have a lot of funny memories, but … I can’t really think of any I can say out loud. Oh, I tripped on the bus and all my food went everywhere. That was really sad. Actually, it was my friend that tripped me and I fell.”

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