Devils Homecoming spotlight: Matt Morgan |

Devils Homecoming spotlight: Matt Morgan

By the looks of it, schedule-makers had it out for the Eagle Valley football team this season. The Devils’ first-five opponents this year have only lost one game combined. Despite the tough slate, Eagle Valley (0-5) hasn’t given up.

Quarterback Matt Morgan and the Devils are determined to finish the season 5-5. Eagle Valley gets another chance for a victory on Friday at home against Moffat County (1-4). Morgan sat down with us to talk about keys to victory, and how he likes his steak.

Date of Birth: Dec. 16, 1990.

Parents: Rodney and Debbie.

Siblings: Amanda, 14, Rachel, 25.

Future plans: “I plan on going to college, just not sure where yet. But I want to major in exercise and sports science.”

Nicknames: “Matty-Mo.”

What’s the key to beating Moffat Friday? “On offense, we have to keep the ball moving. We can’t go into a lull. Once we get the ball moving, we have to set up our play-action pass. Probably the biggest thing is stopping the other team defensively.”

What’s it like playing quarterback? “I love it. I love being in the leadership role. I like that pressure on my shoulders, I guess. I love it. It’s fun.”

Would you rather run or pass? “I would rather run. I’ll be honest. I started off as a running back in high school. We weren’t going to have a quarterback senior year, and I’ve played it before, so I stepped in.”

Why do you wear No. 7? “My freshman year, my favorite senior, Sean Matheson wore No. 7. When he graduated, I took it over.”

What’s the key to turning around the season? “In practice we work hard, it’s just more consistency. I think we have to get back to basics. Taking on blocks the whole time, tackling, wrapping up, remembering the count, penalties.”

Best football moment: “Last year in the JV game, we beat Meeker in overtime. I ran it in from the 5-yard line to win it.”

What are you looking forward to most about homecoming? “Beating Moffat.”

Favorite food: “Medium-rare steak with A1 Steak Sauce.”

Favorite movie: “Remember the Titans.”

Favorite TV show: “SportsCenter.”

Favorite Sitcom: “Home Improvement.”

If you could have any superhuman power, what would it be? “To fly.”

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