Devils Homecoming spotlight –Sean Bartlett |

Devils Homecoming spotlight –Sean Bartlett

Andrew Harley

If football games were decided by whose quarterback had the best fro, Eagle Valley’s Sean Bartlett would lead the Devils to victory against nearly every team in the nation. Bartlett enjoys noodles, but he doesn’t like throwing interceptions.

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Date of birth: Jan. 25, 1986

Born in: Vail

Parents: Doug and Suzie

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Siblings: Sam, 19, Danner, 14

Class: Senior

Position: Quarterback

What do you love about football?: “The rush you get playing it.”

Best moment on the field: “My best game was against Pagosa Springs in the playoffs last year. It was muddy, and I played really well.”

Most embarrassing moment on the football field: “Throwing interceptions is always embarrassing.”

What’s it like playing for John Ramunno?: “I like Ramunno. He’s a really, cool guy. Randy Rohweder also really helped me out a lot this year.”

Funniest player on the team: “Charles Faulhaber, he’s probably my best friend. We laugh at a lot of the same stuff.”

Favorite subject: “Probably science. It’s come easy to me so far.”

College plans: “I’ll probably go to CSU. It’s where my brother goes.”

Career plan: Undecided

Sports you watch: Football and playoff hockey

Favorite football team: Broncos

Favorite hockey team: Avs

Favorite football player: Donovan McNabb

Favorite hockey player: Peter Forsberg

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

What do you listen to before a game and why?: “Rap and hard rock. System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine.”

Favorite movie: T3

Favorite movie star: Johnny Depp

Hobbies: Video games

Favorite food: “Any kind of noodles.”

Favorite color: Blue

What is the best thing about being Sean Bartlett?: “I’m likeable.”

If you could create your own world, what would the first three things you’d bring be?: “TV, lots of food and all my family and friends.”

If you were the principal Nelson Gould for one day, what would you do?: “Make the locker rooms co-ed.”

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