Devils Homecoming spotlight: Whitney VanVoorst |

Devils Homecoming spotlight: Whitney VanVoorst

The Eagle Valley volleyball team is dominating opponents because of its depth and versatility. One player leading the Devils first-place squad is Whitney VanVoorst. The senior can do it all on the court.

VanVoorst plays a pivotal role in Eagle Valley’s 6-2 attack. She can dig, set and spike the ball with the best of them. Opponents never know where the next kill is coming from because of the Devils’ diverse offense. Eagle Valley (11-1, 7-0) looks to keep its winning streak alive on Thursday when it hosts Delta Thursday at 6 p.m.

Date of Birth: Jan. 21, 1991.

Parents: Jay and Christine.

Siblings: Becka, 15, Jordan, 19.

Future plans: Whitney wants to stay in state, and preferably play volleyball somewhere. She is also thinking about attending Colorado State and becoming a dietitian.

How close is the volleyball team? “We’ve played together previously in club since like seventh grade. It’s fun to be friends on the court and off the court, as well. We do have a lot of seniors. We are pretty lucky. We know how each other plays and we know how to make each other play. It works really well.

What’s it like playing with your sister and younger teammates? “Becka plays varsity and she goes in and serves. We can all trust the girls who don’t play as much. Those girls that are sophomores that play on this team, it’s really cool how we can trust them on the court. We just treat them like seniors. They are all really good.”

What’s the perfect end to the season? “The perfect end? I would say going to state. That’s one of our big goals right now. We’ve always made it to regionals. Since I’ve been in school, I’ve never made it to state. That’s our goal.”

Favorite movie? “The Notebook”

Did you cry at the end of the Notebook? “No, I don’t cry.”

Favorite food: “Potato soup is really good.”

Coach Weatherred’s favorite saying? “Next Point.” “That’s what he always says.”

If you could have any superhuman power, what would it be? “To fly.”

Favorite thing to do outside volleyball? “I really like to go on hikes and be outside. Me and my dad like to go on 14ers and hike for a few days.”

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