Devils Homecoming spotlight – Zach Coe |

Devils Homecoming spotlight – Zach Coe

Ian Cropp
Special to the Daily Zach Coe is senior on the Eagle Valley golf team

This will be Zach’s fourth year on the links for Eagle Valley. He missed some of the season while at the national long-drive championships, and the competition wishes he had stayed there. We’re glad you’re back, Zach. For more on him, read on:Born: June 24, 1988.Parents: Mary and Chuck CoeSiblings: NoneFavorite thing about golf?: “You can’t blame anybody else for screwing up.”Least favorite thing about golf?: “Waking up early.”Most memorable golf moment?: “This summer I went to the ReMax long-drive championships in Minneapolis”

Most embarrassing moment?: According to his coach, Glen Ewing, “Zach says he doesn’t have anything embarrassing, which is embarrassing in itself.”Why do you like your coach?: “He’s easy going and always laughing.”Favorite pro sports team: Atlanta Braves. Homecoming skinny: “I’m not a big dance guy, but I’m excited for the football game.”Homecoming date: Ashley DarrowFavorite thing about school: “You see your friends and you’re not bored like in the summer.”Favorite subject: MathPlans for next year: Hopes to attend Arizona State University to study aeronautical engineering

Favorite food?: Spaghetti, with marinara sauceCraziest thing you have eaten?: “Live ants.”Favorite film?: Bruce AlmightyFavorite actor?: Jim CarreyFavorite TV show?: Myth bustersFavorite pro athlete?: Phil MickelsonCoolest place you’ve played golf?: “Eagle Ranch.”Favorite leisure activity?: Jeeping and hunting gophers.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: “Be able to fly.”Favorite country other than the U.S.?: New ZealandWhat is the longest you’ve gone without sleeping?: “Fifty hours. I was seeing how long I could stay up.”If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?: “Give everybody the day off.”Favorite animal?: Yellow LabFavorite website?: eBayFavorite question to ask?: “How’s it going?”Favorite golf club?: “Driver, definitely”Favorite golf movie?: “Tin Cup”Vail, Colorado

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