Devils soccer relying on youth |

Devils soccer relying on youth

EVGS 1 coach KA 03-11-08

GYPSUM, Colorado ” You’d think that after a season opening 12-0 loss to Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley girls soccer would be down.

You’d be wrong.

“For us, what was great wasn’t the 40 minutes when Battle Mountain didn’t score, but when we were super tired at the end of the game,” first-year coach Francois Ninin said. “We had seven players who we couldn’t substitute in at that point. You could tell that they had no gas left physically, but they were still fighting.”

It’s that spirit that has the Devils looking ahead toward better days, starting with Thursday’s game against Palisade at 3 p.m. on the Freedom Park turf in Edwards, a location change because the friendly confines of Gypsum Town Field aren’t ready yet.

The 2008 Devils are young, and Ninin hopes to use that exuberance to turn around Eagle Valley, and he hopes to do it by playing the players of his roster in multiple positions on the pitch to help his charges gain experience.

Most would put Megan Cochrane in goal. Her sister, Mary, who graduated last spring, was an all-league goalie for several years with the Devils, so Megan seems like a natural fit in the net.

Megan will see time in net, but she like the rest of the Devils will be getting a taste of all the aspects of the game.

“A program like Eagle Valley has never had (consistent) coaches),” Ninin said. “Even some players from last year(‘s team) are impressed by the way were working this year. We are working very hard and it’s only upstream from here.”

Eagle Valley’s roster includes Pearla Alvarez, Bianca Blanco, Marlin Decamp, Nicole Eisenmann, Paige Genelin, Arely Islas, Jenny Kennedy, Nicole Luczkow, Karina Manriquez, Rachel Nagel, Pearl Nanin, Ariana Palacios, Jaime Proctor, Annika Sandberg, Sidni Schlegel, Jerri Sheldon, Tania Silva, Jaclyn Taylor, Yoania Trisonova, Samantha Salvilla and Kerstin Leary.

The Devils also have a considerable coaching staff with assistants with Kelly Barry, Pedro Alvarez and Bratzo Horruitiner-Gutierrez.

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