Down to earth: A Gravity log |

Down to earth: A Gravity log

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n Simply because it’s too much fun not to point this stuff out: The only other time the Winter Gravity Games were held, at Mammoth Mountain, Calif., in 2000, Bill Clinton was president; the New England Patriots had never won a Super Bowl; the NHL was the shining star in the pro winter sports world, basking in the inherited glow of the 1998-99 NBA strike; LeBron James was in his first year out of middle school; and the world had just finished sighing relief because the Y2K craze spared our computers.– Thankfully for forgetful spectators at Thursday’s opening day of Gravity competition, Gore Tex was on hand offering clothing demos. Yes, clothing demos. Among the items available: jackets, gloves and pants. One Gore Tex employee explained that the Copper stop is part of a season-long tour that began in Maryland.– Spurning the companies that manufacture podiums (if there is such a thing), OLN is using spoofed-up tree trunks for its medal presentations this week. The trunks are about two feet in diameter, and vary by height to represent the different medal winners. The OLN and Gravity Games logos are spray painted onto the wood.– The big talk among the men’s racers during training for today’s skiercross final was the course, which they said was more suited to snowboarders than skiers. Almost all who had an opinion maintained the jumps were too abrupt, and said that if they hit the kickers at full speed they’d overshoot their landing every time. Some said they were going to request that changes be made after Thursday’s boardercross competition to make the course more friendly to the higher speeds the skiers will travel in today’s event.– Commentators at the men’s boardercross race had a rough beginning. They misidentified the first heat winner, then called Graham Watanabe “George” over the loudspeaker.– Crash of the day went to Copper Freeride skier Jamie Sundberg. Competing in the women’s ski superpipe final, Sundberg attempted to go extra big on her last run and clipped the lip of the pipe, freefalling hard onto the back of her neck. She said she was OK, and settled for fifth.Vail, Colorado

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