Down to Earth … an unofficial gravity log |

Down to Earth … an unofficial gravity log

Daily Staff Report

Much of the talk this week has centered around comparisons between the Winter X Games in Aspen and these Winter Gravity Games. As far as the press center goes, the Gravity Games get the nod by a long shot. At Buttermilk we were housed in a tent. It was cold, and when the action goes from early in the morning to late in the evening, frigid temperatures aren’t fun. Here at Copper, the press center is located inside a warm building, and the food has been top notch and served in a steady stream. At Buttermilk, you lived off soup all day…. If you didn’t get to see the freestyle snowmobile demos take place in the East Village this weekend, you missed one of the most daring exploits going right now. Proof of that: By Sunday afternoon’s fourth and final session, only two of the four riders remained healthy enough to perform. Rumor had it Blue River resident and freestyle snowmobiling’s “Godfather,” Jay Quinlan, broke his collarbone in a morning crash, and another of the quartet also injured himself and couldn’t continue…. The men’s snowboard superpipe competition on Sunday morning was probably the best event of the week, with nonstop, can-you-top-this action. And after it ended, the riders gave us another good show, coming down the pipe in groups. As many as six riders were hitting the walls at once…. It’s tough to recognize a quote of the day when you’ve got stuff like this to work with, so we’ll let you choose. All three of your options come from the men’s pipe contest:1. “They’re knuckleheads. Go play hockey, you (guys)! It’s not your fault, I know, but go play hockey!” – British Columbia rider and diehard Vancouver Canucks fan Crispin Lipscomb. After winning the gold medal, the 25-year-old voiced his displeasure toward the NHL players, who were locked out this year by the owners. The labor dispute led to the cancelation of the season.2. “Super big competition, everybody’s riding super good. I’m stoked. But I’m bummed that I couldn’t do a super perfect run that I wanted to do.” – Finland’s Risto Mattila, the bronze medalist in the pipe, letting it flow while in a super mood.3. “That’s my new nickname, I guess, Four-hit Finch. I was getting six hits, then I was getting five. Then I turned it into a four-hit pipe. I pointed it, spun, pointed it, spun, pointed it, spun.” – American Andy Finch, who took sixth in the pipe. Finch poached the pipe four times in between his penultimate and final scored runs to start having fun again, he said, and to get his amplitude back. It worked; he amazed everyone in attendance with his height – which led to fewer hits, as he described.Vail Colorado

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