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Dramatic twist in motocross prelims

Daily Staff Report

ASPEN – What is a militia twist? In an effort to take all the bragging rights in Saturday’s motocross best trick prelims during the Winter X Games VIII in Aspen, Brian Deegan attempted to show everyone.

Looking more like something from a snowboarder’s arsenal of jibs, Deegan flew through the air in an attempt to complete an off-axis 360. The trick has never been attempted at the Winter X Games, and despite Deegan’s valiant effort, it still hasn’t been successfully pulled off.

As he reached the crux of the full revolution it was apparent that the off-axis part of the trick wasn’t coming together. Then, Deegan threw the bike away and fell close to 40 feet straight down, landing on his knee on the hard surface of the transition.

After laying motionless on the ground for several minutes, he was taken off the course on a ski patrol sled and taken away from the venue and his day was done. The exact nature of his injuries were not disclosed.

After the drama of Deegan’s fall blew over, however, the drama of the top two racers commenced.

It all came down to Nate Adams of Arizona and the “Godfather” of motocross Big Air, Mike Metzger of California.

Both threw elaborate backflips with variations, being referred to by the commentators as a “kickflip.”

Metzger came out on top, but his 92.00 only beat out Adams by a point. Without a doubt, the two are on track for a pretty serious showdown today when the finals begin at 1:15 p.m. That is, of course, if the other qualifiers, Dayne Kinnaird, Caleb Wyatt, Jeremy Stenberg and Ronnie Renner, aren’t saving something special to take the title in the contest.

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