Eagle County all-league spring honor roll

Justin McCarty | Daily file photo

Here we go — all-league is out.

Some are under the category of “No kidding, Sherlock.” Examples of such include boys lacrosse players Cooper Perkins (Battle Mountain) and Johnny Bailey (Eagle Valley). Voters didn’t need the NASA supercomputer to figure those out.

Some fall under the category of smart picks — Zach Linder, starting catcher for Eagle Valley baseball, and Jenai Denardo of Battle Mountain soccer. Both are anchors of their teams.

These sort of selections are usually the realm of upperclassmen, so kudos to freshman Emily Cope (Huskies soccer) for deservedly cracking the ranks.

There are always some head-scratchers. Travis Edgar “only” second team in baseball for the Devils? Battle Mountain soccer’s Rosie Davies second team? Eagle Valley boys lacrosse only got two selections?

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It’s politics and math — where you finish in your respective league usually dictates the number of spots you get. But it makes for fun debate.

And all-league can be a nice forecast of things to come. For instance, Huskies soccer had six selections and five of them do not graduate. Look out.For your perusal, the spring honor roll:


First team

Zach Linder, Eagle Valley

Second team

Travis Edgar, Eagle Valley

Joe LyBarger, Battle Mountain

Honorable mentiotn

Juan Baca, Eagle Valley

Dylan Trudeau, Eagle Valley


Boys: Cooper Perkins, Battle Mountain; Zach Trombetta, Battle Mountain; Johnny Bailey, Eagle Valley, also nominated to all-state game

Honorable mention: Quin Davis, Battle Mountain; Keenan Bowman, Battle Mountain; Sam Boyd, Eagle Valley

Girls, First team: Maddi Colin, Battle Mountain; Hayley Clarke, Battle Mountain; Jammie Dumolt, Eagle Valley

Second team: Clare Baker, Battle Mountain; Mabry Gentry, Battle Mountain; Devine Hart, Eagle Valley


4A Western Slope, First team: Emily Cope, Battle Mountain; Jenai Denardo, Battle Mountain; Melisa Lopez, Battle Mountain; Mariel Gutierrez, Eagle Valley

Honorable mention: Acacia Ortiz, Battle Mountain; Morgan Croke, Battle Mountain; Rosie Davies, Battle Mountain

3A Western Slope, First team: Gracen McGuckin, Vail Christian; Amy Sherman, VMS

Honorable mention: Kierra Kalakewich, Vail Christian; Haley Samuels, VMS

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