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Eagle County preps: The rundown

I did it again, and I didn’t even know I was doing it.

Last week in this space, I talked about how all basketball teams in the county ” every single one of them ” need to improve their fundamentals. This was not exactly Woodward and Bernstein investigative journalism. (Kids, if you don’t know who those are, do Google search.)

At the end of the column, I wrote, “Eagle Valley has Rifle tonight . … And for Pat Gabriel’s squad, this is a game you can win. You played the Bears well down in Rifle, and you’re playing at home tonight. The (hated-Battle Mountain) Huskies took them to OT in Eagle-Vail. This can be done.”

Apparently by stating the obvious through the theory of transitivity ” the Eagle Valley boys basketball team lost at Rifle, 61-56, in the first meeting of the year, that Battle Mountain lost to the same team, 65-63, in overtime and that the Huskies beat Eagle Valley, 66-61 ” I ended up ticking off another team in Gypsum.

After the game, which Eagle Valley ended up winning, 61-57, Devils guard Chris Brubeck said, “We really couldn’t shut Brett (Wilson) up, really. Then we saw what was in the paper today. That really fired the whole school up.”

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As the alleged great Satan of the Vail Daily having covered Battle Mountain since 1997, I am glad to be of service. (And, guys, if you want to draw all sorts of things all over this column, that’s fine. You’re picking up the paper. And as a side note, who says print journalism is going down the drain?)

It was intended in the spirit of “Go get a win, guys.” I don’t know how many times we need to say this, but if we have any bias at the Vail Daily, we want local teams to win, Devils, Huskies, Gore Rangers and Saints. In a year when the local 4A basketball teams are a combined 13-65 ” with the Eagle Valley girls accounting for seven of those wins ” maybe you can see why.

To quote “Nuke” Laloosh, played by Tom Robbins, in the movie “Bull Durham,” our opinion here at the world headquarters of the Vail Daily is generally is “I love winning. It’s like better than losing.”

But if you guys feel you need alleged bulletin-board material, here we go. Eagle Valley boys basketball stinks. You guys couldn’t hit water if you were standing three feet from the Pacific Ocean. What are you guys, a middle-school team? (Apologies to all our local middle-school basketball teams.)

Cesar Castillo, you can’t shoot, and upon further review, you’re an awful soccer player. Zach Ramsey, your triple-double against the Bears was a fluke. Cory Zehring, you don’t know jack about college football. (I just insulted junior guard Bryce Zehring’s older brother for good measure.)

You guys are absolutely going to get rolled by Palisade and Delta this weekend.

My work here is done.

In other prep news:

– Where’s a Hannibal Lector face mask when you need one? When news hit Saturday in Edwards that Vail Christian point guard Will Parker had broken his nose the night before in a game against Plateau Valley, everybody involved with the Saints was calling around looking for a some protective face gear. No luck there and Parker had to sit out against Hayden.

While it’s not the way anyone involved with Vail Christian basketball wanted to find out, that showed everyone assembled how valuable a player young Master Parker is to the Saints. His stats do not wow you, but he is the glue for Sheldon Kuhns’ bunch.

– Free throws, free throws, free throws. I know I joke a lot about Kuhns turning purple, but I’m going to turn purple if the Saints keep missing free throws.

– As noted before, Eagle Valley girls basketball has seven wins going into its last three games. Ladies, 10 wins looks better to the seeding committee than nine, and this can be done. (This is meant in a positive, encouraging way, people.)

– Congratulations to the Battle Mountain girls basketball team on a good showing in a 62-50 loss to Palisade. Keep it going, and get one in the final three games.

– Please send all positive vibes to Montrose for regional wrestling.

– Tuesday is the first day of spring sports practice. OK, anyone expecting snow?

– Something else is going on Tuesday. Hmm … Local basketball teams? Gyspum? Something like that?

– And in closing, Attaboy, Zach Ramsey. I believe that was the first triple-double of the season from any school locally. If Ramsey keeps playing well in the paint and that Cesar guy gets hot from outside, the Devils might have a chance yet against Palisade and Delta.

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