Eagle Ranch Classic has a little bit of everything

Pro and expert divisions postponed

Hasley Lucas rides in the Eagle Ranch Classic through the Vail Recreation Department Wednesday in Eagle. The race series travels around the Vail Valley on Wednesdays throughout the summer.
Chris Dillmann |

Eagle Ranch Classic

Men’s beginner: Jamie Hijmans

Women’s beginner: Stella Sanders

Men’s grandmaster: Karl Edgerton

Men’s supergrandmaster: Peter Dabb

Women’s vet sport: Jill Rubenstein

Women’s masters sport: Tanya Walker

Men’s vet sport: Scott Corvey

Men’s master sport: Kyle Walker

Men’s sport: Sullivan Middaugh

Women’s sport: Isabella Sargent


EAGLE — There was a really cool rainbow at the end.

The Vail Recreation District East West Hospitality Mountain Biking Town Race Series’ Eagle Ranch Classic on Wednesday was pretty much a microcosm of what has passed for spring in Eagle County.

There was nice weather and then there wasn’t. Yes, it was May 30, but that’s the way things are going in the High Country.

The Eagle Ranch Classic was the kickoff of the Tour de Wednesday for the season. All divisions started, but the pro and expert divisions ended up getting scrub as temperatures plummeted as did the rain and hail.

Racers push through the Eagle Ranch Classic on Wednesday in Eagle. Those going out early had great racing conditions. (Chris Dillmann |
Daily file photo

“We were hoping the weather would go around us,” the VRD’s race director Beth Pappas said. “Into the second lap of the pro and expert divisions, it continued to rain so we did call those races. We’ll make a determination of rescheduling those races at a later date.”

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Pappas added that there are two primary concerns with inclement weather — rider safety and leaving the trails in good condition.

Hero dirt

The assorted beginner and sport divisions had a perfect day for riding. It was cool, but not cold and the trail was sublime.

“It was gorgeous,” Red Cliff’s Ashley Dentler said. “Hero dirt — wonderfully tacky, no dust and you can pretty much fly.”

And then the weather came.

“The weather was great early and then it hailed on us before the Bailey climb,” single-speeder James Ellis said.

“It got really bad really quick,” Marty Golembiewski, also a single speeder, said. “It happens. You get stuck out in bad weather once in a while.”

Stormy weather took over the Eagle Ranch Classic on Wednesday and the pro and expert divisions were postponed. (Chris Dillmann |

No one seemed particularly upset that the longer divisions were called. Most were grateful to get into The Dusty Boot — site of the post-race party— for some warmth.

Nothing new

It’s been a stop-and-start season for riders in the series with spring snow. The snow’s been great news for Ellis and Golembiewski, who’ve used the white stuff to extend their ski seasons.

Avon’s Casey Richter is used to it.

“I think most mountain athletes up here, we ski, do a lot of skinning or cross-country skiing,” she said. “This was the first race and we’re all in the same place. You do some training rides. I went down to the Front Range to do some races.”

The next race in the series is the rescheduled Kids’ Only Minturn Mini on Wednesday, followed by the Hammer in the Hay on June 12.

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