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Eagle-Vail to build cycling pump track

Eagle-Vail, working with local nonprofit The Cycle Effect, will build a cycling pump track near the Eagle-Vail Pavilion.
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EAGLE-VAIL — The community of Eagle-Vail announced Monday that it is building a bicycle pump track in Pavilion Park as part of its park master plan. Eagle-Vail will partner with The Cycle Effect, the Eagle-based nonprofit that empowers young women through mountain biking.

“Our parks master plan has active, vibrant community spaces, and the pump track will be a really exciting addition,” said Jeff Layman, Eagle-Vail community manager. “We’re especially proud to be working with The Cycle Effect to provide this amenity, which will be a great teaching resource for the kids involved in that program, as well as our residents.”


Pump tracks are small bike tracks that utilize a looping trail system of dirt berms and rollers designed for bicycling without the rider needing to pedal. The name comes from the pumping motion used by the cyclist’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track. Riders pump to maintain speed without the need to use their pedals.

Eagle-Vail’s track will consist of a series of rollers and berms designed to help teach bikers how to maintain speed, gain speed over bumps and maneuver turns.

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Approved by the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District and the Eagle-Vail Homeowners Association, the new looping track will be built on a 55-by-86-foot section of Pavilion Park with construction managed by Eagle-Vail’s parks and maintenance staff, and labor and materials provided by The Cycle Effect.

“The Cycle Effect is excited to work with Eagle-Vail and other partners in order to get this great project completed,” said Brett Donelson, executive director of The Cycle Effect. “The building of this pump track will give our organization a way to thank a community that has been so supportive of us in our early years. The maintenance of this track will be a great way for our girls to connect to the community and take pride in the upkeep. We look forward to seeing cyclists of all ages and abilities enjoying this great valley.”

Additional sponsors of this project include UVEX, Avon Venture Sports, Gore Range Landscaping and ECO Irrigation & Landscaping. Layman expects the track to be ready for use by the middle of June.

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