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Eagle Valley girls track wins at West Grand

KREMMLING – So it’s the day of the prom. That usually is not a good sign for a team in any sport. Teenagers are understandably focused on other matters.

Despite the impending prom for the Eagle Valley track team, the Devils girls danced all over the competition at the Joe Shields Invitational, winning the meet up in Kremmling Saturday.

“I actually was surprised,” Devils coach Jeff Shroll said. “We had a lot of new kids, freshman and sophomores, scoring points. Megan (Osteen) and Michelle (Carbajal) were there and did their thing, but we had a lot of new people scoring.”

And this is important. As the coach points out, it’s nice to have multiple-event stars, but track is all about math. Those fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-place finishes add up when it comes to point scoring.

The newbies not only scored points, but Saturday’s 3,200-meter relay team won on the boy’s side.

“I’m super-proud of the sophomore and freshman boys in the 32,” Shroll said. “They ran a great race.”

Battle Mountain had a small contingent at the Joe Shields, but we point out Irvin Rodriguez. He was the Huskies boys team – the only guy – and scored in four events. Vail Christian’s Kylie Alexander was second in the pole vault. Teammate Gunnar Wilson made his pole-vault debut in 2012 and went 10 feet, 6 inches to put himself in the state hunt.

Huskies relay sparkles

FORT COLLINS – Battle Mountain is assembling a 3,200 relay. Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

As opposed to the guys who made 4-by-8 the marquee relay when the school was in Eagle-Vail, it’s the ladies’ turn. Mandy Ortiz, Jenai Denardo, Christina Shearon and Val Constien put together a time of 9 minutes, 56.99 seconds at Friday’s Rocky Ridge Roundup in Fort Collins.

That’s this crew’s first time under 10 minutes, and a new school record.

“It’s getting close to the end, and we’ll fine-tune it as we go,” Huskies girls coach Rob Parish said. “Obviously, Mandy and Val are critical pieces. To run under 10 minutes with the wind, we’re really excited. There’ a lot of strong 4-by-8 teams in 4A. I think we’re going to see that time drop.”

Parish is pretty skilled with the 3,200 relay. In his first stint at Battle Mountain, Tony Crisofulli, Connor Tedstrom, Jonny Stevens and John O’Neill took home the state title in the event. Who knows what happens this year, but it should be interesting.

The Huskies ladies finished seventh out of 20 teams in a deep 5A and 4A field in an impressive showing.

Speaking of impressive, Bailey Garton and Molly Childers continue to trade the school record in the pole vault. Garton broke Childers’ mark with a lead of 10 feet, 3 inches. And that back-and-forth should continue Saturday when the Huskies host their home meet. Eagle Valley and Vail Christian will also be in attendance.

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Joe Shields Invitational



1,600 relay – 4. Eagle Valley, 4:02.93 (Marco Saucedo, Dalton Hill, Rafael Gurule, Vladimir Carbajal).

3,200 relay – 1. Eagle Valley, 9:32.25 (Marco Saucedo, Dalton Hill, Rafael Gurule, Vladimir Carbajal).

100 – 5. Irvin Rodriguez, Battle Mountain, 12.3; 8. Christian Aguilar, Eagle Valley, 12.7.

200 – 2. Irvin Rodriguez, Battle Mountain, 24.8.

400 – 2. Christian Aguilar, Eagle Valley, 54.45; 4. Irvin Rodriguez, Battle Mountain, 58.1.

800 – 5. Rafael Gurule, Eagle Valley, 2:30.07; 6. Eric Castlion, Eagle Valley, 2:33.49.

1,600 – 3. Michael Niehmeyer, Eagle Valley, 5:23; 4. Irvin Rodriguez, Battle Mountain, 5:37; 5. Paul Gonzales, Eagle Valley, 5:46.98.; 7. Logan Ponder, Eagle Valley, 5:57.06.

3,200 – 2. Nathan Maddox, Eagle Valley, 11:31.58; 4. Michael Niehmeyer, Eagle Valley, 12:16.10; 5. Paul Gonzales, Eagle Valley, 13:03.12.

Shot put – 6. Mario Tassorass, Eagle Valley, 36-0.25.

Triple jump – 4. Eddie Villa, Eagle Valley, 34-2.5.

Long jump – 8. Jeremy Lundblade, Eagle Valley, 15-1.

Pole vault – 1. Aaron Kline, Eagle Valley, 12-9; 3. Wyatt Smith, Eagle Valley, 11-3; 5. Austin Tafoya, 11-3 (attempts).


Medley – 1. Eagle Valley, 1:55.79 (Casey Lammert, Kassi Gall, Carly Volkmer, Roxy Trotter); 3. Battle Mountain, 2:06 (Alexendra McCormick, Isabella McCormick, Abby Harrison, Maricruz Coronelio).

400 relay – 2. Battle Mountain, 54.69 (Alexandra McCormick, Isabella McCormick, Abby Harrison, Maricruz Coronelio); 4. Eagle Valley, 55.68 (Megan Osteen, Michelle Carbajal, Kenzie Cooper, Hannah Claydon)

800 relay -2. Eagle Valley, 1:54.50 (Kassi Gall, Casey Lammert, Carly Volkmer, Michelle Carbajal).

1,600 relay – 1. Battle Mountain (Isabelle Calabrese, Sanya Barnett, Maricruz Coronelio, Lilly McMurray).

3,200 relay – 2. Battle Mountain, 11:45 (Lilly McMurray, Isabelle Calabrese, Sanya Barnett, Kadie Soulemane)

100 – 3. Carly Volkmer, Eagle Valley, 13.87; 7. Taylor Claydon, Eagle Valley, 14:04.

200 – 2. Carly Volkmer, Eagle Valley, 28.29; 6. Taylor Claydon, Eagle Valley, 30.68; 8. Kenzie Cooper, Eagle Valley, 31.04.

400 – 3. Roxy Trotter, Eagle Valley, 1:02.28; 5. Taylor Claydon, Eagle Valley, 1:08.99; 7. Tyler Beckham, Eagle Valley, 1:10.02.

800 – 4. Tyler Beckham, Eagle Valley, 2:48.43;

1,600 – 2. Chantel Willoughby, Eagle Valley, 6:22.66; 6. Carla Jaramillo, Eagle Valley, 6:53.22; 7 Fredrica Crepaz, Eagle Valley, 7:21.01.

3,200 – 1. Chantel Willoughby, Eagle Valley, 13:34.47; 2. Samantha Maddox, Eagle Valley, 13:37.85; 3. Samantha Katz, Battle Mountain, 13:38; 4. Annie Todd, Battle Mountain, 14:10; 5. Carla Jaramillo, Eagle Valley, 15:35.21.

300 hurdles – 1. Brooke White, Battle Mountain, 49.5. 4. Lilly McMurray, Battle Mountain; – 5. Sam Lay, Eagle Valley, 55:07 6. Isabelle Calabrese, Battle Mountain.

Discus – 1. Taylor Martin, Eagle, Valley, 93-10; 8. Natalie Messerich, Eagle Valley, 59–3.

Shot put – 2. Taylor Martin, Eagle Valley, 27-10.

Long jump – 1.Michelle Carbajal, Eagle Valley, 15-5.75; 5. Megan Osteen, Eagle Valley, 14-2.5.

High jump – 2. Brooke White, Battle Mountain, 5.

Triple jump – 1.Michelle Carbajal. 34-9.75; 2. Brooke White, Battle Mountain, 31-2; 6. Megan Osteen, Eagle Valley, 28.-2.5

Pole vault – 2. Kylie Alexander, Vail Christian, 9-9; 3. Kassi Gall, Eagle Valley, 7-9.


Rocky Ridge Roundup


800 relay – 8. Battle Mountain, 1:48.69 (Isabelle Courtois, Katia Lopez, Katie Matarese, Sophia Calabrese).

1,600 relay – 4. Battle Mountain, 4:09.42 (Isabelle Courtois, Katia Lopez, Jenai Denardo, Val Constien).

3,200 relay – 2. Battle Mountain, 9:56.99 (Mandy Ortiz, Jenai Denardo, Christina Shearon, Val Constien).

800 – 8. Megan Croke, Battle Mountain, 2:32.53.

1,600 – 8. Christina Shearon, Battle Mountain, 5:42.67

3,200 – 2. Mandy Ortiz, Battle Mountain, 11:50.14

High jump – 3. Sophia Calabrese, Battle Mountain, 5.

Pole vault – 2. Bailey Garton, Battle Mountain, 10-3; T4. Molly Childers, Battle Mountain, 9-3.

Triple jump – 6. Val Constien, Battle Mountain, 34-9.5.


Pole vault – T6. Zach Guida, 12-11

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