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Eagle Valley proud of its boys track team

Andrew Harley
Special to the Daily/Bill Minett

Devils senior track captain Katie Wick has had a difficult time explaining to other students exactly why the Eagle Valley boys’ Colorado 3A High School Track and Field State Championship victory is such a big deal.

“It was the most exciting weekend ever. We have such talented boys, it’s unbelievable,” said Wick. “I’ve been trying to explain to people at our school, who aren’t track people, really what a big deal it is. And, it’s so hard to do because people don’t understand how good you actually have to be to win an event at state.

So, one example I’ve been using to describe how good it is, is that the team that we co-took state with had 14 guys at state and we had nine. We took 10 boys, but one of them was hurt. And, not one of the boys are overly cocky about it. None of them are like over-achievers, or act like, “I’m the best, and I get the best room.’ Not one of them is like that.”

The Devils say good-bye to their best track season to date with mixed emotions.

“It was sad, for me, because it was my last year, but it was just a great feeling to take first as a team. All of us were so excited and happy,” said Devils sprinter Russell Allen, who played an integral role in the Devils’ 400- and 800-relay teams. “It was just good to stand up on that podium and accept my medals and my ribbons.”

Eagle Valley track title is the first Eagle Valley title in 12 years – since the wrestling team won in 1992.

“It means a lot to me because I’ve been with the program for 17 years. Even though I took six years off, I spent a lot of years trying to build the track program,” said Eagle Valley coach Randy Rohweder, who took his wife (Marsha) and daughter (Ashley) out to dinner at Chili’s in Denver to celebrate the victory. “We’ve only got four championship trophies in that trophy case, and I’ve been here since 1980.”

Eagle Valley head track coach Jeff Schroll orchestrated the Devils through their finest season.

“Jeff’s been in it now for six or seven years, and he’s done a good job with the kids,” said Rohweder.

Allen picked up two vital points in the open 100 for the Devils.

“I expected to make it to finals. I just wish I’d placed better, but the two points helped us out to win state, though,” said Allen.

It wasn’t just the immediate boys track team that won the title, it was all of the parents, coaches, the girls track team that pushed and inspired the boys and the students that came out to support the guys and girls at their meets.

“Don’t forget the girls, though. We got some girls that are great team leaders,” said Rohweder. “Girls like Katie Wick, Jessica Medsker, Kenzie Shreeve and Ellie Comerford – your seniors and juniors – they really do a good job of keeping things going. I know they didn’t win the championship, but the way they pushed kids – boys and girls – it’s all a part of the process.”

After Sean Matheson’s heroic open 200 – which clinched the victory – the Devils contingent was overcome with pandemonium.

“Everyone was pretty excited. It was kind of like, “OK, so what do we do now. We just won the state title.’ It’s a little different than football – everybody’s right there. In track, everybody’s kind of spread out all over the place,” said Rohweder. “Track, it takes a while to get ’em all together, and, finally, you start grabbing the kids and congratulating ’em.

“And, some of the kids that took their uniforms off, I go back and get ’em so they can put ’em back on again. It’s so they can take a picture, you know, you don’t want ’em to look like slobs. At least their moms wouldn’t like that.

“We have kids that have a lot of experience, looking for state titles and state records, like (Brad) Gamble. He’s been doing track quite a while, you know. Then you’ve got young kids like Sean Matheson who probably never ran track and just didn’t have any idea what he could do,” said Rohweder. “I’ve always relished the work ethic that gets a team there. I’m not worried about end results because if you worry about end results, you’d be not coaching a long time ago.”

The Devils will have their work cut out for them if they want to repeat the victory next year.

“I just wish good luck to the team next year because they’re moving up to 4A,” said Allen.

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