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Elder, Eldest Statesmen of lacrosse wrap up play in Vail

Vail Lacrosse Shootout attracts a 60-plus age division

The Vail Lacrosse Shootout is underway for its 48th edition; the long-running tournament began in 1973 in Aspen and has been held in Vail every year – with the exception of 2020 – since 1979.

The tournament is known to attract players young and old to Vail, and this week has featured play from both.

The zenmasters division (ages 60-plus), along with the grandmasters (ages 50-59) and supermasters (ages 40-49), wrapped up their 2021 tournaments with championship games Monday.

“The Statesmen fought and won to sweep the tournament once again,” said Nikki Soran with the Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

The Statesmen compete in all divisions, with the team known as The Elder Statesmen competing in supermasters and grandmasters divisions, and the team known as The Eldest Statesmen competing in the Zenmasters division.

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Soran said the zenmasters championship was a battle between the Eldest Statesmen and Los Abuelos de Tejas, with the Statesmen taking home another win at 9-5.

“In the supermasters division, the Elder Statesmen took on the Magic Wands in another heated matchup between the two teams,” Soran said. “The Elder Statesmen came out on top with a score of 10-7. The Elder Statesmen Grandmaster team took on EMW beating them 10-6, deciding who will face off in Monday’s championship games.”

Tournament play continues through July 5 at Ford Park in Vail.

Final results in 40-, 50- and 60-plus age divisions:

Men’s Supermasters (40-49)

Championship: Elder Statesmen 10, Magic Wands/WLF 7

Silver Oysters 12, Princeton BCLF 4

Black Lab Sports 6, Columbus Ballhawgs 5 (OT)

Navy Old Goats, Columbus Ballhawgs (Forfeit)

Men’s Grandmasters (50-59)

Championship: Elder Statesmen 10, EMW 6

Polar X 1, Los Viejos 3

Team 8 9, Ephmen 1

Generals 9, Air Force Graybirds 2

Princeton BCLF 7, Navy Old Goats 6

Yellow Dog 6, CU Greybeards 3

Men’s Zenmasters (60-69)

Championship: Eldest Statesmen 9, Los Abuelos de Tejas 5

Mr. Boh 6, Navy Old & Gnarly Goats 3

Peaked Masters 6, Nomads 1

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