ESPN: Broncos least-popular franchise in Denver |

ESPN: Broncos least-popular franchise in Denver

Woody Paige
The Denver Post
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado –“Rockies win 11 straight games”

“Avalanche fire GM, coach, assistants, front-office executive”

“Nuggets have excellent chance at title next season”

“Broncos’ free-agent fifth-string tight end stubs toe”

“Hickenlooper declares recession over”

“Alien reportedly seen at window”

Which story would be most read on

Of course.

Which Broncos player hurt his toe, and how badly does it hurt?

Next, does it look like E.T. or Mayor Hick?

This newspaper tracks the number of reads of stories on its Web site. Any little thing about the Broncos overwhelms everything else – Nuggets, troop reductions, Pulitzer Prize candidate series, locust attacks.

According, however, to ESPN The Magazine’s seventh annual ranking of franchises in the four major professional sports, the Broncos are the least-popular overall franchise in Denver. The Nuggets were rated Denver’s best of show (by far) but are only 41st overall of 122 teams.

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