Final results from Sunday’s sprint race and triathlon |

Final results from Sunday’s sprint race and triathlon

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Vail Daily/Preston Utley A member of Team High Country points in the direction of the next leg in the Beaver Creek Adventure Sprint Race Sunday. Team High Country finished 3rd overall.

Beaver Creek Adventure Sprint RaceSunday, July 18, 2004COED OPEN DIVISIONPl No. NameFinal 17Croak3:13:16212Aspen Club3:23:3436Team Go-lite/Timberland3:28:3442Beaver Creek/Kind Cyclist3:44:32535 Fort & Change3:44:33610Team Whatever3:48:3771Purple Cobras4:12:16814Wait Up Griff4:12:29913H.A.M.4:16:00104Two Jock Straps and a Thong4:16:361115XY24:38:18

129Penny-T4:48:49135Venture5:58:471411Team Jet6:01:09MEN’S DIVISIONPl No. NameFinal 117Cory3:15:43219Short Bus3:45:42316Team Irish Car Bomb4:15:02418Frog Dogs4:37:365212 Men & a Mule6:22:51MASTERS 40 + DIVISIONPl No. NameFinal 120High Country3:15:48242Beaver Creek Red Sox3:36:36341Timberland3:36:37

CORPORATE DIVISIONPl No. NameFinal 146Team Sonnenalp4:42:59247Team Vail Mt.4:53:30FAMILY DIVISIONPl No. NameFinal 130TNT4:27:332004 Nissan Xterra Central ChampionshipKeystone ColoradoSwim 0.62 Bike 16.20 Run 6.20Local finishersPlNameDivOverall1Josiah MiddaughPro2:07:3214Jimi MortensonPro2:22:1929Darren Lacy30 – 342:29:0635Nat RossPro2:34:00

60Lisa IsomPro2:42:0574Ryan Sutter25 – 292:47:1877Yaro Middaugh25 – 292:47:4293Kevin Deighan40 – 442:53:3994Karl Edgerton40 – 442:53:50132Dereck Fish30 – 343:06:05136Doug Alrick35 – 393:07:53139 Kevin Roop30 – 343:08:30147 Toni Axelrod30 – 343:10:25148Nicole Rutkowski25 – 293:10:42171Jennifer Kuechenmeister25 – 293:19:06181 Jean Hadley40 – 443:23:53203 Travis Keeley30 – 343:30:08211 Adam Lueck30 – 343:33:45215 Nadine Lober40 – 443:36:05230 John Lee30 – 343:40:30255 Grant Stevenson15 – 194:01:28264 Susan Bird45 – 494:16:17

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