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‘Fly, Eagles, fly’ and who’s your GM?

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We start with our bonehead move of the week and it could only come from the New York Islanders, the fine folks who had the Gorton’s fisherman on their sweaters for a few years. After hiring Neil Smith, a guy who’s won a Stanley Cup in New York, as the general manager this offseason, they fire him. And they replace him with back-up goalie Garth Snow. What?

” This just in … Peter Budaj is the new GM for the Avs.

” Cheers to Floyd Landis at the Tour de France. He was done after Wednesday’s collapse and fought himself right back into contention. What’s more, he’s essentially doing this without the luxury of a team. Phonak hasn’t exactly been helping him.

” The Tour has actually been a lot of fun. It’s amazing what happens when you take Lance Armstrong out of the equation. There’s actual drama this year. I think that was nice of Lance to retire.

” Just when your write them off, here they come again. The Atlanta Braves aren’t dead just yet. Barring an epic collapse, the Mets will win the NL East, but the Braves are just 4 1/2 games behind the Reds for the wild card. I don’t see the Reds being able to hold off the Braves. You shouldn’t either.

” The big statement of the week in baseball came from the Tigers who took two out of three from the White Sox. Detroit is for real, kids. It’s only appropriate that the Tigers’ resurgence occurs during the 30th anniversary of The Bird, Mark Fidrych.

” OK, 16 months or so of a grand jury, and the feds didn’t bring down an indictment on Barry Bonds? Yes, they’re trying to strengthen their case, but right now it’s based on an ex-girlfriend and a peeved former friend. They’ll try to get Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson to roll by sending him back to the klink next week as they impanel another grand jury. Bonds is definitely a shady guy, but this is really smacking of a witch hunt. And there’s definitely been a rush to judgment here. The best thing for baseball, Barry and the government follows: Bonds retires at the end of this year without breaking Hank Aaron’s record. Baseball declares the Steroid Era over, though unfortunately not claiming its partial responsibility in the debacle. The government grants full immunity to Bonds ” for a slam dunk, the case is not proceeding well. Bonds’ career is further tarnished with an invisible asterisk ” and we actually get back to talking baseball.

” The Yankees have “bolstered” their starting staff with Sidney Ponson. If they pitch him enough times, they’ll clinch the AL East … for the Red Sox.

n Nine days and counting until the trade deadline: Alfonso Soriano, spin the wheel.

” To our local sports fans at Paddy’s: Scott, Don’t worry about the Cards; Brendan, keep waiting for those Cubs and, Philly Mike and Mark? Well … Don’t hold your breath on the Phillies. Fly, Eagles, fly … And yes, Jason, go Tigers, Pistons, Wings and Lions. By the way, Brendan McVoy, one day late on many happy returns.

” It’s the Broncos at Detroit Aug. 11 to begin the NFL preseaon/owners-extort-the-season-ticket-holders games. Let’s stop one thing now. As much as Broncos fans would like to see it, Jay Cutler is not starting this year. If he is, the Donkeys are in trouble. As much as some not like Jake the Snake, the Broncos are ” sadly ” competitors for the AFC/NFL title (same thing) and a rookie is not going to get you there.

” Donovan McNabb ripped into Terrell Owens’ new literary venture, calling it “a children’s book.” This begs the question, “Why would you read a book by T.O.?”

” Barbaro Watch: He’s still alive. America can breathe easy.

” Why you should read this column: I had Tiger winning the British Open last week. I’m looking good.

” On a Daily note, we bid a fond farewell to our outdoors writer Shauna Farnell who is off to Ski Racing Magazine. We’re going to miss her greatly, but she’s going to knock ’em dead. We also may have an opening for a sports writer after today. Our own Ian Cropp is going to play rugby for Vail against Breckenridge at 3 p.m. at the Vail Athletic Field. Good luck, Ian.

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