Fracture Friday: ACLs aren’t just for adults |

Fracture Friday: ACLs aren’t just for adults

Thomas Drummond
Special to the Daily
Thomas Drummond stands back on the podium.
Courtesy photo

Last January, my season came to an abrupt end as I tore my ACL and disrupted my knee while skiing. Most people don’t know that there’s nowhere for pediatric surgery in the mountains. I had to go to Children’s Hospital Colorado for surgery and follow-up. Fortunately, I got a great physician and met some really amazing physical therapists during the process. I was able to start running with the cross-country team again in September. Yesterday was my first big mountain competition after a year. I do ski with a brace and I am showing signs of arthritis at age 12, but it is worth it to be back doing what I love and what truly makes me happy.

Thomas Drummond, 7th grade

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Injuries are a common topic in mountain communities. We tend to push ourselves to the point of having them. If you have an on-mountain or sports-related injury, we want you to share the story of your injury, recovery and redemption (and if you’re currently injured, we want to hear your plans for the last two).

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