Franzie wins Zanzibar Revolution Day Slalom in Vail |

Franzie wins Zanzibar Revolution Day Slalom in Vail

Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” The tough visibility and snow conditions on Golden Peak barely dented turnout for the second event of Vail’s Snowsports School Pro-Series. This year, the ProSeries has a motto of “all conditions all the time” so participants should plan on not taking rain checks.

After a day of twin-tip straight-lining in the back on wind blown crud, what better way to reexamine that forgotten skill of actually turning than a nice twisty slalom?

Mr. Beaulieu set an interesting course with four tough combinations as befits a race named after a small but nasty revolution on the island nation of Zanzibar 45 years ago ” leading eventually to the formation of the new East African nation of Tanzania for those interested.

Racers had two runs on a course that changed from soft to rutted enjoyably quickly with the fastest time counting. Riding legend Charlie Clarke again chose a new tool and lateral-leg independence by participating on a pair of directional-change friendly slalom skis after many audibly frustrating years of fast looking DNFs on his board.

Ski School’s very own Kaiser, Franz Fuchsberger, returned to post the fastest time in the men’s bracket while Jennifer Simpson claimed the honors on the women’s side. Franzi, who we think has won a few Powder-8 titles, is now officially in the old guys class, so all the fast young guns in ski school need to be practicing their excuses or their turns.

Cole Dissinger won both the snowboard and telemark class for men while Anne Dowd won the woman’s snowboarding. Showing up is not to be underestimated as the first step to success.

The men’s bracket had a tie for second, which remained a tie despite strong calls from the finish shack to give it to Andrew Jacobs over Brian Blackstock on ‘steelo’ points as he sported a hip-bobble hat instead of a sensible helmet of dubious millinery dopeness. The saying “an ounce of fashion equals a pound of performance” is working for Andrew.

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