Freud: A grateful sports editor signs off

To quell the rumors, it’s not true that the moment Kitz Petrovski entered Friday’s Battle Mountain football game I threw up my hands and said, “I’m done.”

And, no, I’m not giving the third of “The Petrovskis: The Next Generation,” following in the considerable footsteps of Sofi and Sadi, a hard time in any way shape or form. I’m more stunned the son of Pete Petrovski, both a Battle Mountain soccer alumnus and the head coach of The Beautiful Game at Vail Mountain, is playing football.

What happened, Pete?

Speaking of rumors, yes, this is the end of the line for me at the Vail Daily. After taking a leave of absence over the summer, we’re making it official now. It’s a good thing for me. (And, before you ask, I’ve got no plans whatsoever other than some golf destinations. Freud will be somewhere sunny during Birds of Prey Week in December. Woo-hoo.)

It’s a good thing for the Vail Daily. Nothing lasts forever and my anticipated two-year stay with the Vail Daily has been tremendous 20-plus years later. Not bad for a first job out of college. I leave the Vail Daily just as I came here in 1997 — grateful for the opportunity.

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And since I appear to have the floor, some parting shots.

Favorite preps moments

Battle Mountain soccer beats Evergreen in the 2012 quarterfinals on its way to a title … Vail Christian football beats Genoa-Hugo, 64-52, in its first playoff game. (And, yes, the score was 7-0 after the first quarter, so it got whacky.) … Any cross-country regional meet when the Battle Mountain gold jerseys cross the finish line. … Wearing orange at a Vail Mountain School playoff game. (It does come naturally.)

Future favorite preps moments

I’m looking forward to Eagle Valley sports getting its groove back. It seems to be happening in Gypsum so far this fall. Just to be clear, yes, we went through some disruptive years at Eagle Valley and the athletic department seems to be stable again. Athletic Director Tom LaFramboise ain’t a glamorous guy, but he’s getting good coaches on campus.

Before everyone goes crazy that I like Battle Mountain more — for the final time, Freud’s a Giants and Niners fan who just wants the local high schools to win so you like my articles — having watched sports for 20-plus years, I just expect more from the Devils. Consider it a compliment. (For the first 10 years or so of my stint, Eagle Valley seemingly beat Battle Mountain in everything except soccer.)

Volleyball, running and boys lacrosse are coming along in Gypsum, but Eagle Valley’s athletic heart and soul are football, basketball, wrestling and baseball. Yes, COVID-19’s been a pain in the tush with all the starting and stopping, but it’s time. Football is 2-0 — an exciting start — but I’d really like to see Devils trade punches with Palisade and Glenwood as strong as the team’s nonconference slate is. I want a bunch of kids in black uniforms jumping around, yelling, “Ain’t it great.”

Speaking of the coach

Addison Smith, Jake Bukovich and John Ramunno. (Insert primal scream.) Throw this on top of COVID-19 of the past 18 months, and what more do we have to say about appreciating life and the here and now?

To Craig and Lenee and Todd and Carole and Cindy and their families, we love you. To all, enjoy the present and keep wins and losses and official’s calls in perspective. This is just a game.

Favorite Alpine moments

Mikaela Shiffrin skis into the finish in first place at a World Cup giant slalom at Beaver Creek in 2013 with one racer left. The entire crowd at Beaver Creek is simply hoping Norway’s Jessica Lindell-Vikarby will simply fall down, so Shiffrin will win on home snow. It doesn’t happen and the Norwegian wins, but this Shiffrin girl is good. … While Lindsey Vonn did win at Birds of Prey in 2011, I just enjoyed listening to the world media react to Vonn curb-stomping Lake Louise, Alberta, every year. After the men’s Birds of Prey races, the media returns to its quarters and starts punching out copy. Meanwhile, international TV shifts to Canada for the women’s races. Every year, internationals would sit at their computers, disbelievingly saying, “Again?” Meanwhile, the media contingent of the U.S. Ski Team and fans would also be saying, “Again?” Yes, again.

Mikaela prediction for 2021-22 season

Shiffrin’s going to have an excellent year but nothing world-crushing like 2018-19 (19 wins including world championships). Put her down for 8-10 World Cup wins and two at the Olympics. The only American skier to win two golds at the Olympics is Andrea Mead Lawrence back in 1952, when Europe still was starving after World War II.

Shiffrin doesn’t talk legacy — at all — but she is a big-race skier (Olympics and worlds). Her “worst finish” at either remains eighth in the GS here at 2015 worlds. Think about that – no DNFs or just bad days when she finished 20th during five world championships and two Olympics, not a small sample size. Here she comes.

You heard it here first

While Alpine gets more attention, do watch moguls skiing this year. If we have anything resembling a “normal” year, Kai Owens is going to go off. Tess Johnson might, too. The latter is going to her second Olympics, being a grizzled vet at age 21. Again, if you ever get the feeling that the world is going to heck in a hand basket “because of kids these days,” just look at these two. The future of the world will be fine.

About those Broncos

Yeah, the Broncos beat the New York Giants. This season has 7-10/8-9 written all over it. (I’m struggling with the concept of 17 games. An 8-9 record looks silly.) We are in a strange time in Colorado pro sports, when we need the Avs and the Nuggets, not the Broncos or Rockies. (I have no clue how the local nine struggles to score runs playing half its games at Coors Field.)

And the Giants?

As for who’s in first place in the National League West, I’m just as surprised as you are. I had the San Francisco Giants down for 69-93, so how we’re keeping it together with duct tape and bailing wire, I don’t know, but I’m enjoying it.

I hope you enjoy whatever it is you do as much as I have loved being along for the ride. Also, be nice to the new person, whoever she or he may be. Things will be different probably, but after getting used to me, you all will be fine.

Cheers and thanks. Freud out. Pretend I just dropped the mic.

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