Freud: As the Favre Turns and other society notes |

Freud: As the Favre Turns and other society notes

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre talks to reporters at Oak Grove High School on Wednesday morning, Aug. 4, 2010. Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Favre's agent, Bus Cook, both said Wednesday that the veteran quarterback plans to play if he is healthy. He had surgery on the ankle in May. (AP Photo/The Hattiesburg American, Matt Bush)
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As of the beginning of the writing of this column, we think quarterback Brett Favre will play if he’s healthy and he hasn’t retired.

We will make this short and sweet because this has gone past ridiculous. A veteran like Favre really doesn’t need training camp at this point, and it’s his prerogative if he wants to show up late. If he needs some extra time to heal his left foot, go ahead, Brett. As we’ve seen the last few years in Green Bay, with the New York Jets and with Minnesota, all he needs is a few snaps in one exhibition game and he’s ready to go.

But stop the melodrama of “As the Favre Turns.” Favre is a good quarterback (not great, but that’s a subject for an entire column) who makes the Vikings an automatic Super Bowl contender once he graces them with his presence.

This is rare for me, but be like John Elway. He won. He left. Very classy.

See you for Opening Night against the Saints. Until then, no more.

Other tidbits and bon mots:

• So the Quiznos Pro Challenge is coming to Colorado in August 2011. While the stages of the race haven’t been announced, they’ve got to include our part of the world. Some legs we were bandying about in the news room: Steamboat to Vail, Vail to Aspen (via Interstate 70 to Colorado 82). Aspen to Vail over Independence Pass. Vail to Copper via Climax. Up and down into Denver to finish? Sounds good to us. Maybe we throw in a swing south before going to Denver. It’s up to you, Lance.

• On the local cycling scene, my apologies to Sarah Baskins, now Sarah Parish. After Wednesday’s Boneyard Brawl biking race, I was so stunned that she was married – more because of the fact that I covered her in high school, don’t get me wrong there – that I butchered her new last name in Thursday’s. Congratulations to Doug and Sarah Parish.

• Not like I should have a hard time remembering a name like Parish. Welcome back to the valley to both of those Parishes, Robert and Kelli.

• Speaking of which, we had a Rob Parish alumni sighting last weekend at the Angels in Motion Run in memory of Cassie Swinford. Our source tells us that John O’Neill, Tony Crisofulli, Ben Rogers, Whitney Allard-Rogers, Molly Allard and Remsen Allard -Huskies past and present – competed. This gives me an opportunity to say, “Omigosh, Ben and Whitney got married.”

• OK, this is starting to sound like a society column – three marriages – Parish, Parish and Rogers. So let’s make this sound more like me. Moving to baseball, where’d you all go, Rockies fans? When you’re in the pennant race, you’re jumping up and down talking about “Rocktober,” and saying how all of you have been diehard Colorado fans since Eric Young homered in the opener at Mile High.

I said two things on Opening Day, and I’m right. First, Colorado baseball fans are nothing but bandwagon hoppers. And, yes, as you read here in April, San Francisco’s winning the west.

• This just in, Favre retired.

• Moving to Broncos training camp, I am sorry about Elvis Dumervil. I really like the way he plays. That said, the Broncos are running short on running backs and Tim Tebow is not the answer this year. Yes, he’s an accomplished college quarterback, but even if Tebow jumps ahead of Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn, which as Broncos fans, you really hope doesn’t happen, rookie QBs are toast in the NFL today.

He needs to take snaps in preseason games, practice during the season and maybe play in Week 15 at Oakland and Week 16 against Houston. Easy does it, people.

• Moving to football, go and check out the Vail Rugby Football Club Saturday at 2 p.m. against the Denver Highlanders at the Vail Athletic Field.

• This just in, Favre has un-retired.

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