Freud on the NFL: Jets exploit Broncos defense as skid hits three games |

Freud on the NFL: Jets exploit Broncos defense as skid hits three games

These Broncos fans are loking sharp during Sunday, Oct. 7's game in New York, by they probably didn't enjoy the Jets slicing up Denver, 34-14.
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Freud’s Fives

Top five

1. Chiefs (5-0) … AFC West champs.

2. Rams (5-0) … Good win in Seattle.

3. Saints (4-1) … There they go again.

4. Patriots (3-2) … Like death and taxes.

5. Vikings (2-2-1) … Tough schedule early.

Bottom five

1. 49ers (1-4) … Lost to the Cardinals.

2. Cardinals (1-4) … Beat the Niners.

3. Raiders (1-4) … Get to play the Cards and Niners.

4. Falcons (1-4) … The mighty have fallen.

5. Colts (1-4) … Not very mighty.

We’ve officially hit the panic stage when it comes to Broncos football.

Denver’s losing streak has hit three games, most recently with a 34-14 pasting at the hands of the New York J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

Yes, the Broncos have been putrid on the road in the last year or two, but “at Jets” was one of those games you had marked down as a win when the schedule was released.

The biggest worry on a day of many worries is that the Broncos defense was shredded. The Jets rushed for 323 yards. Yes, the Jets. Isaiah Crowell, who spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns, had 15 carries for 219 yards.

Meanwhile, the alleged “no-fly zone” was scorched. Jets quarterback Sam Darnold hit Robby Anderson for a 65-yard scoring strike. In theory, Bradley Roby was in coverage for the Broncos, but Anderson appeared just to run by Roby.

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Defense is meant to be the strength of this team.

Case Keenum continues to struggle. Yes, his offensive line isn’t great, but Keenum also doesn’t seem to have a clock in his head telling him that it’s time throw the ball away and live for another down.

How does this get any better?

The Broncos host the Rams (5-0) Sunday, Oct. 14, presumably can beat the Cardinals on the road in Week 7 and then head to Kansas City.

Denver has a puncher’s chance against the Rams since it’s a home game, but the Broncos are looking at a 3-5 first half.

AFC watch

• We’re going to go out on a limb and say the Chiefs are going to win the AFC West. They put up 30 points on a good Jacksonville defense last week. They are at New England this week.

We said it last week, and we’ll say it again, the Chiefs’ schedule gets much lighter after playing the Patriots, so even if they cool off, like they did last year after a 5-0 start, it doesn’t matter much.

The Chiefs already have a 2.5-game lead over the Chargers, having beaten the Bolts in Week 1.

• Speaking of the Chargers, they’re in second place in the division after beating the Raiders because most teams beat the Raiders.

• While the Chiefs and Pats are duking it out this week, the Chargers are at Cleveland and the Raiders host Seattle in London. (Side note: Do the Brits really deserve the Raiders?)

News and notes

• We wonder what sort of odds you could have gotten back at the beginning of the season that the Steelers and the Browns would have the same record after five weeks?

The AFC North has sort of turned into a mosh pit, but it’s got a big game this week as the Steelers visit Cincy. Yes, the Bengals are 4-1, but they’re still the Bengals. While the Steelers aren’t who we anticipated them to be, it would be a big win for the Bengals.

• Every year, the Saints defense gets torched early and everyone writes them off. And then, of course, the Saints rip off a bunch of wins, and we all say, “Wow, the Saints are good.” Apparently, they’re good again.

• On a serious note, I had no idea the Chicago Bears were 3-1 and actually leading the NFC North. (By the way, both divisions in both conferences should be called the Central.)

• Games to watch this week: Chiefs at Pats is the headliner and we’re sure that ESPN is thrilled with Niners at Packers on “Monday Night Football.” Freud will be going to the movies instead of watching that.

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