Freud: What are you going to do about it? |

Freud: What are you going to do about it?

It was good.

We start with this because when I showed up at Tuesday’s Eagle Valley-Battle Mountain volleyball match in Edwards, everyone just asked me, “So was the field goal good?”

Yes, the game-winning kick in Rifle’s 22-21 football win over Battle Mountain split the uprights. You can watch it on or

While we shake our heads that some kid from Rifle could make a 45-yard field goal, I still say that the Huskies lost this one by not getting any points from three drives into the Bears’ red zone. That generally will come back to haunt you and it did.

But it also brings us to this week’s exciting theme: What are you going to do about it? We’ve got a lot of teams at assorted turning points.

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• OK, Huskies football, this week is when we see whether if this is the new Battle Mountain or the same-old, same old. It’s up to you guys whether you’re going to let a brutal loss define your season or take it out all that anger and frustration on Glenwood Springs Friday night. What do you want to be?

• This goes for Eagle Valley football as well. Nice win against Steamboat Springs, and in good fashion, 34-7. We now go back to Week 9 of last year, a loss to Moffat County, when coach John Ramunno said, “I’d hate to look back and say Steamboat was our best game.” Beating Steamboat simply cannot be the highlight of the year for Devils football in 2011.

Somebody from this county needs to beat Rifle. Last year was 7-6 loss. As it says on Facebook, it’s Bear-hunting season.

• Battle Mountain soccer, first, I don’t like how you played last week against Glenwood Springs – far too vertical and not enough passing. That’s why you took a draw, instead of a win. More importantly, some of you guys are making dumb decisions on and off the pitch.

The latter is more important than wins, losses and draws (4-1-2). No one’s going to the MLS. You guys need to understand that your individual actions affect the group. You need to come together as a group and hold each other accountable. This will make you better people and a better team. In the meantime, please take out Glenwood tonight.

• Eagle Valley soccer is 1-2 in the 4A Slope and both losses came in overtime to Battle Mountain and Moffat, both good teams. This means you’re right on the cusp on breaking into the upper tier of the league. You have to find that extra something as a unit to put yourselves over the top.

It starts today at Moffat. By the way, you guys won the second meeting of the season against the Bulldogs last season. Just a thought.

• Eagle Valley volleyball, I bring glad tidings. Delta beat Palisade in five games Tuesday night. Trust me, I don’t joke about these things. You control your own destiny again. I was pretty darn impressed with what I saw Tuesday. Your job is to stay steady, since coach Shawn Weatherred said that word four times in one quote alone, and run the table in the Slope.

• One of the fun things about Tuesday night’s Eagle Valley-Battle Mountain game was that most of Vail Christian’s varsity squad was there. (The Saints play the Huskies later in the season.) In the meantime, the Saints should just, “keep on, keeppin’ on,” as the noted philosopher Joe Dirt once said.

• Huskies volleyball, you’ve got a lot for which to play. Coach Jason Fitzgerald is emphasizing high-tempo play because that’s how you’re going to win. You simply cannot go toe-to-toe with other teams, especially bigger ones, because they’ll pound you into submission. Speed can beat size. Everyone’s going to view you as a speed bump to greater things. Fine. Time to sneak up on some teams.

• And under the category of “What are you going to do about it,” we advise that all Vail Mountain School students to be wary of the head of the upper school this morning. His behavior could be somewhat erratic. Good luck.

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