Garmisch puts in bid for ’09 Worlds |

Garmisch puts in bid for ’09 Worlds

Daily Staff Report

Feb. 5, 2003

Snow continues to fall in St. Moritz. Wednesday, the men’s downhill training went off first as the men and women’s races shared the same finish line. Visibility was tough and a number of the racers took some pretty good spills.

As expected, both the Austrians and American trained well today. The Swiss are anxious to get a medal soon and the tension is obvious in the air.

The finish stadium is located up on the mountain and, to reach it, spectators, press and racers must do one of three things. There is a very well-maintained path leading from the village to the stadium, but it’s definitely a hike.

There is also a tram that leads from the village to a mid-mountain point. From there, the organizers have another well-maintained walking path. And, finally, the organizers have arranged for a bus system similar to what we do for the Birds of Prey with busses chained up and picking passengers up in the village and taking them all the way to the stadium. The road to the stadium is several kilometers of steep, winding single lane road … scenic but challenging.

Training days also offer our contingent more time to meet with the people and groups needed. Tuesday, we were able to have a good meeting with Gian Franco Kasper, the director of FIS, to discuss all of the issues surrounding our potential bid for three World Championships. We also met with Fritz Wagneburger of Germany who confirmed that Garmisch, Germany, will be bidding to host the 2009 World Alpine Championships.

We have also heard that France and Austria may bid, but neither is certain and both are waiting to see what Vail will do.

After this writing, we are meeting with Bill Marolt of the USSA as well as individuals from NBC. We will also meet with the organizers of the Are, Sweden, World Championships later this evening.

Every day we check in at the Press Center and the International Broadcast Center where we’re able to check our e-mail, make phone calls and touch base with the members of the media such as Patrick Lang and Bob Beattie. While the days are committed to ski racing and meetings, the evenings are filled with receptions and celebrations. Tuesday night, the Vail group was invited by our sister city, St. Moritz, to a lovely dinner at the Yacht Club.

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